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  • Jessiah1 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, they deleted my email address and they deleted entire posts on the page before...

  • Conan_BC Level 1 Level 1



    I have an idea to test to the blue LED problem.


    We can customize ebook reader font and screen colors (at least in Moon+ reader). We can set font color to ONE of the following colors: red, green, and blue and set the background black, and test whether the blue one really causes the problem.


    This test will be valid only on AMOLED displays. The reason is that on LED backlit LCD displays, what controls the colors is LCDs, not LEDs. Thus, all LEDs (including blue) are likely to be turned on regardless of colors.


    On AMOLED displays, LEDs directly control colors. So my guess is that if I set color to pure green, only green LEDs will turn on.


    Since switching to a CCFL monitor and probably having started regular exercise routines, I have not had the eye strain problem any more. So I am a bit afraid to test it right now. But if I have to use my Galaxy Note phone for reading while on a trip, I will give it a short and let you know the result.

  • logoo88 Level 1 Level 1

    That's a good experiment to do!

    I can't wait to see your results. But if the Note doesn't strain your eyes, there are chances that none of the colors will hurt you (with that screen).

  • Conan_BC Level 1 Level 1

    I think you are right, since I have not done any long reading on my Note 2 yet. For usual operations and short readings (internet browsing) I don't have any problem with it. However, I had a lot of eye-strain and migranes with Galaxy S3, iPads 2 & 3, and an LED monitor, even for short readings.


    To be a perfect test, the test should be performed by someone who has the problem with the particular AMOLED device that will be used for the test.


  • David Turnough Level 1 Level 1

    Am I correct in saying this would also have the effect of reducing the brightness of the screen making it an unfair test? Also with pentile isn't there an uneven distribution of red green and blue OLEDs? Is there more Green OLEDs in the matrix or something?

  • Kine Level 1 Level 1

    At work I successfully use without strain:

    hp L1906

    hp compaq LE1911

    3m glare covers 

    contrast & brightness turned down


    I'm pretty sure these are ccfl monitors.


    At home I've used a variety of Apple monitors with eye strain problems.


    I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a larger monitor comparable to the HP's I listed above that would be compatible with my Mac Pro?



  • Kine Level 1 Level 1

    Any thoughts on the

    Acer G245HQ Abmid 23.6" CCFL Backlit Widescreen LCD Monitor 23_6_Widescreen.html


    I'd lose 3 inches in screen size but you definitely can't beat that price!

  • cadette61 Level 1 Level 1

    I'd also appreciate any thoughts on an Acer monitor, specifically the vh242h. Anyone use this? Refresh rate is 60hz - perhaps problematic on a screen this size?

  • Kxtr73 Level 1 Level 1

    I have an Acer G245Hbd 5ms. It has very glare screen, so text reading is nightmare in daytime, becouse it's a mirror. My wife is using it mostly for watching films, so it's not a problem in that case.


    Using it without PWM with 100% brightness/dimmed by graphic card is comfortable (no eye pain). Every brighness below 90% has very rapid PWM flicker.


    However I can't reccomend it for normal using. (you see all the room and your face too in daytime ...)

  • Exandas Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone know if the new display technology IZGO from Sharp is promising for us suffering from eye strain? I read in the net that Apple is considering this technology for the new ipad.



  • Jessiah1 Level 1 Level 1

    Does it use a PWM controller or LED back lighting? If yes to either than it is unlikely it will solve our issue IMO

  • LovesDogs0415 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks so much for keeping at this.  The views increased by more than 3,000 in about a week.  This is a serious issue for those of us who suffer.  I don't have the technical expertise to help and just watch the list hoping for an answer.  I can't use an iphone, the new Kindle (even the paperwhite), or any of the new Mac computers.  This is serious, especially for people who's jobs are threatened.  Who knows what this may be doing to young children who haven't had the luxury of using the older computers. I wrote about this issue on my local Mac User's Group website and a member thanked me profusely because her granddaughter was suffering and didn't know why.  When she read my post, it all made sense to her.  This is bigger than normal eye strain and can't be fixed with glare screens or turning down the light.  You all know this.  Anyway Jessiah1: THANKS!

  • Gurm42 Level 1 Level 1



    This is a HUGE growing issue. The increase in LED lighting is starting to have a major impact on our society. Even people who aren't affected in the same way as us are beginning to notice. LED billboards are being taken down shortly after they go up - in one neighborhood near me the LED billboard was blamed for accidents because of the amount of glare coming off of it.


    The reality is that this kind of light is bad for humans - is it PERMANENTLY bad? We don't know. There hasn't been enough study - one spanish paper is interesting but hardly conclusive until it has been peer-reviewed. I will tell you, though, that manufacturers aren't going to like this. They have spent years building up credibility on the "we can make it smaller, lighter, and last longer" front, and having to stop using these kinds of lamps will NOT be good for business.


    Like you, I can't use any display Apple has made since 2011, I can't use any of the new ultrabooks and a lot of IPS panels are right out due to the LED's behind them. I'm holding out hope for the new high-color-gamut RGBLEDs, which use red and green lamps as well as blue/white, but I wouldn't put money on them being much better.


    I'm going to help out Jessiah's website as I can. I _am_ a web developer and IT professional, so I can probably be of some assistance.

  • Gurm42 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, here's a more general plea - I know we've ascertained some MONITORS that are good, I have a Dell 2410 on my wishlist and there are others that we are waiting to hear back on - can folks post their results, by the way, instead of just "I'm trying this" and then never come back?


    I also know that there are those who will flame me for asking a non-Mac question on here, but here goes:


    Does anyone know a GOOD, POWERFUL, MODERN laptop that won't induce eyestrain? Not Mac, but Windows?


    My Lenovo X220 is aging (it's going on 2years old now) and my employer will buy me a new laptop. The Dell 6430 I was issues is TERRIBLE. The viewing angle is bad and the LED lamp is unpleasant (although far from the worst I've used). We're primarily a Dell shop, but Lenovo isn't out of the question either... and we have a few Sony and HP models kicking around. Is there ANYTHING that is a modern Core i7 laptop with decent specs that people on here who have eyestrain from LED/Mac know to be comfortable to use?


    Alternately, is any manufacturer making a CCFL laptop any more? There might be one Sony model that has a CCFL lamp.


    Seriously, my livelihood/career could be impacted if I can't keep working!




  • LovesDogs0415 Level 1 Level 1

    I bet Jessiah would appreciate the help.  It's a great idea and a non-monitured way to reach the masses.  I just finished a workshop on SEO, but don't know much except it's important.  We need a Facebook Page, too!


    Thanks for the supportive comments.  I seriously thougth I was crazy until I found this website.  I showed it to my eye doctor and she examined my eyes before and after using my new MacBook Pro.  She could not tell me what was happening, but could definitely see a change in my eyes.  She gave me a letter and I took it to Apple and got one of the last MacBooks with LCD.  When you mention this to people in the Apple Store, their eyes just glaze over and they just tell you to get a glare screen.  Frustrating.  I have money and can't spend it.  I work from my computer all day and carry my laptop around like an iphone.  Not sure what will happen when it goes.



    Well back to work.


    Thanks SO much.

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