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    My doctor, too! He couldn't tell me what CAUSED it, but he examined me before and after and definitely saw eyestrain, dryness, muscle fatigue, redness... he LITERALLY saw it, and referred me to an expert on "occupational eyestrain". It's ridiculously expensive and I haven't been yet since I KNOW what causes the problem and basically how to mitigate it.

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    Ok i will try again. My post was removed by Apple i guess? This is one of the websites that helped me, and others who have become sensitive to man made lights....non profit etc just helping others, so they don't feel like they are going mad.


    When i become sensitive to my 2005 LCD Macbook i wanted to know why? I can use a LED 2008 Mac Book pro, but unfortunately i cant use 2012 Mac book pros onwards.




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    I finally re-read your post and realized it was aimed at me!


    Yes, that's a good test.


    I took have been exercising, taking an eye-health supplement, and have managed to stay FAIRLY eye healthy although this week in particular has been tough - but the long weekend should help.

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    They will not let you post your email address or any links to websites they dont like and other items as well, your link was edited out. If people are subscribed to this post though they still receive it in their email. Don't worry, within weeks my website will show up in google's results, maybe top 10 and probably land right next to this forum result! I apreciate offers for help from many of you and I will work on getting in touch with you all as best I can, let's see where we go with the site and within the next couple of days we should be able to speak elsewhere. Gurm, I think our best option will be a change in the backlighting technology or glasses that block the harmful effects of the LED lighting, I am currently researching both possibilities.

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    Gunnar tint seems to help a lot for me. I am ordering a pair of prescription computer glasses with the Gunnar process (and optimized for 2-3 feet from my face) and we will see how that does. If it works out, I'll get a pair of distance glasses with that tint as well for when I want to go to places with lots of LED light.


    But the real solution isn't to filter the light, it's to not use it in the first place!

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    I replied Gurm42, removed imediatly, hopefully you got an email. I stated the Gunnar glasses are probably anti-glare tinted and they work for me with fluorescent back light but not with LED lighting.

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    The Gunnar cut glare and also help a LOT with the high intensity fluorescents where I work. Additionally they kill some of the blue spectrum so that helps too.


    Other people have had luck with rose-tinted glasses, but I tried them and they didn't help much.

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    I have tried all different colors, there is science behind anti-glare coatings. They are designed to cut spectrum of light down and it is possible you are blocking healthy blue light spectrum with the gunnar glasses. I am working with an anti-glare company and they are piloting a new coating right now that has helped me the most of anything I have tried, it's possible it could help you altogether if your not as sensitive as I am...

  • Gurm42 Level 1 Level 1

    Quite possibly. We'll catch up more on your site that we can't post links to.

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    I'm one of the people who vouch for the Dell 2410.  I got one recently and it's great -- no eye strain.  I use it along with the f.lux program (a must for people with eyestrain IMO) and it's great.  I turn off f.lux if I'm watching a movie, otherwise it stays on.  Gunnar glasses are a good idea though I haven't bought any myself (they're a bit flimsy and I need prescription glasses).  I would like it if all eyewear manufacturers offered a blue-light filtering option for computer glasses.


    I don't know of any modern laptop that still uses CCFL backlighting.  Unfortunately, the advantages of LED backlighting are particularly strong in laptops: reduced power consumption.  My recommendation is always to get an external CCFL-backlit monitor.


    There are lots of exciting technologies on the horizon that could lead to better monitors.  Quantum dot LEDs are the coolest by far, in that they can generate any spectrum of light.  However, this is still experimental.  I hope that by the time my Dell monitor dies there will be something decent to take its place!

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    Yeah, I was afraid of that. I want to hear from some people who have maybe gotten the high-gamut panels. Dell makes new high-end 15" laptops with RGB LED's that supposedly produce MUCH better light than the standard "white" (blue) ones. I'd love to see one, but don't want to make my employer buy one if I'll just not use it.

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    Has anyone had a chance to try the "Flicker Free" 3D monitors yet? There are a couple out there, I believe we have a two fold issue here with blue spectrum and flicker...

  • Gurm42 Level 1 Level 1

    Actually I am trying one out this upcoming weekend. There was a Dell XPS 17" laying around work that someone special ordered a while back, it uses LED but it's super hi-def 120hz, and the color gamut is 72% which is really not bad for a laptop display. I'll see how it fares and report back.

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    "Flicker Free 3D" is a passive 3D LG monitor/TV with LED slogan. (active 3D has flicker in glasses). All of them have PWM. I had DM2780d 3D and "burned eyes" thanks to it.

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    Does anybody know if there are any reports why some people are sensitive to the new LED displays? Obviously we are a minority that experience such severe symptoms. While many people find that LED screen are not so comfortable compared to their old ccfl screen, they can use the LEDs with no major problems (this is actually part of the results of a research i conducted within the 800 people company i work for) . I wonder what differentiates us from the rest of the population.

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