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Betty R. Beckham Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
This MacBook is used mainly for surfing, email and word processing. Very few other programs are installed and/or used. Recently it stopped mounting and reading CD's. It continues to mount & read DVD's. When I insert a CD (commercial or home burned) the drives sounds like it is trying to read it and then after awhile it ejects the CD. I have other Macs & PC's which can read the rejected CDs.

All software is up-to-date and disk permissions are in good shape. AppleCare had me reset the PRAM. Would appreciate any other steps I can try to fix the situation. In several weeks, I will be traveling to a city with an authorized Apple repair unit where I can have the computer looked at. I'd rather fix it myself if possible

Macbook 12" 1.83 ghz 1.25 gig ram, Mac OS X (10.5.4), MacBook Pro 17" Powerbook G4 17" 1.3GHz 80Gb (10.5.3)