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The day after picking up my iPhone 3G, I pulled it out of my pocket and set it on a counter. It slipped and fell about 30" to the floor, now the screen is totally white with a thin, faint green line down the center. iTunes still recognizes the phone and it will sync.

I have done all the resets and restores suggested, including a new phone reset, nothing works.

AT&T says to deal with Apple, Apple says deal with AT&T. No insurance offered thru AT&T or it wouldn't be an issue.

Anyone know what I can do?

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    All you can do is take it to Apple. They handle all replacements, both in and out of warranty.

    Be prepared to pay a large repair fee to get the phone replaced.
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    Apple handles all repair/replacement issues with iphone.

    You can call 1800 my iphone or make an appointment with your local genius bar. The warranty does not cover accidental damage ( or for that matter - intentional damage), so you may have to purchase a new iphone.

    It is probably worth a visit to the Genius Bar to see what they say.
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    Dang thing even still gets calls on it, just have to know where on the screen to push to receive cause you can't see it!
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    Contact me at *********@mac.com

    I might be able to help.

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    Good advice, just not able to fix my problems.
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    My friend dropped his phone a couple of days after he got it. He took it back to Apple and they replaced it for free. He had a cracked screen. The guy at the genius bar said that they have been replacing phone since they went on sale. He also said that the 3G phone is not made near as well as the 2G models.
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    I am 400 miles from the nearest Apple store, so I guess I am outta luck there.

    I called Apple about repairing it and what they told me is that for $199, they will replace it with a refurbished phone. Unfortunately, AT&T has no insurance or replacement program, so I guess I am stuck with a brick here and a two year commitment to that brick.

    Anything I do on my own voids the warranty, and with all the problems that Apple has had with this phone, I would like to have some coverage.

    Why doesn't Apple or AT&T offer insurance on these things. Every other phone AT&T sells has insurance coverage, but not the iPhone. If the dang thing can't survive a 30" fall then insurance is a must have.

    I am starting to rant now, but this is frustrating. I have always stayed away from Apple products because they are so proprietary. Guess I should have stuck with my own advice.
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    I agree, they should have some kind of insurance threw apple. The fact is they don't. A lot of people are going threw there home owners insurance or they are getting a policy just on the iphone. I have dropped my 3G iphone a couple of times with out a case on it and nothing has happened to it. One time it was more than 30" that I dropped it, and it was on a tile floor. I guess it just depends on how the phone lands.

    Good luck with getting it replaced or fixed. Your best bet is to call apple and send it in and pay for a replacement iphone. Other than that, like you said you are stuck with a phone that you can't see then screen on.

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    do you know what apple store he took it to, cause I think that different stores tell you different things...