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Greetings, all.... I have tried a search but to no avail..

I don't have internet access at home but was given an HTC 6800 with unlimited data access..

I own a Macbook Pro and was trying to see if there is a way to connect my HTC 6800 and use it as a modem..

bluetooth would be the preffered method but shoot I'll settle for the usb cable connection as well..

any and all assistance GReATLY appreciated


macbook pro 17" pimp ish, Mac OS X (10.4.2), it came stock..
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    This is a Sprint Smartphone, right?

    The first step is to pair the phone with your Macbook Pro. When you do so, your MBP should detect it as a modem, and configure the Bluetooth connection accordingly.

    You'll then need to configure that device's "Network Port Configuration" properly. Open System Preferences>Network, and select the device's Network Port Configuration in the list on the left side of the window. The first pull-down should read "Bluetooth PAM." Sprint's data connection number is "#777." Enter this in the "Telephone Number:" field. All other fields in this window should remain blank. Although it is not necessary, I strongly recommend you check the box to enable "Show modem status in menu bar."

    Next, open the padlock at the bottom of the window (if it is locked), then click the "Advanced..." button. In the "Modem" tab, the "Vendor:" pull-down should read "Sprint," and the "Model:" pull-down should read "PCS Vision." Check to enable error correction in the modem, and set "Dial Mode:" to "Ignore dial tone when dialing."

    Next, switch to the "PPP" tab. Use the "Settings:" pull-down to select "Session." If any of the checkboxes here are enabled, uncheck them (everything here should be disabled). Change the pull-down to read "Configuration," then again uncheck all options. "Terminal Script:" should be set to "None."

    Finally, click "OK" to dismiss the dialogue sheet, then click "Apply" at the bottom of the window. Before closing the window, click "Connect" to test your connection. If all seems OK, close System Preferences.

    If you followed my recommendation to place the Modem Status in your menu bar, you can use that menu to connect and/or disconnect at any time. When you choose "Connect" from this menu with "Sprint PAM" checked, a Bluetooth connection will automatically be established with the phone, and the data connection will be made.

    All this said, I recommend you also set up everything using the USB cable. Bluetooth PAM (phone as modem) is much less stable than the same via USB, and significantly slower. While it is OK for a "fast & loose" internet connection, say if you need to download a few emails, its performance will be less than stellar if you need to actually browse content-rich web pages, or download a file of any size. USB is the way to go. You must create a separate "Network Port Configuration," configured exactly the same as the Bluetooth connection, for this. When you connect the phone via its USB data cable, it should automatically show up in the "Network Port Configurations" (I have a Samsung phone, and its USB Network Port shows up as "Samsung CDMA Technologies").

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    The easy way is a WM app called WMwifirouter. I use it daily on on my XV6700+MBP (WM6.1 ROM) You can get a trial here: http://www.wmwifirouter.com/
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    I had a similar question to this one..., From One. I was trying to connect to my phone through bluetooth to use the ulimited data for internet access. I got to the point under networks where you select the type of phone but they didn't have blackberry. I spoke to at&t, my carrier, and they gave me all the other info needed, they just couldn't tell me how to get my type of phone on the drop down list.

    Can anyone help?? Thanks a lot!
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    What Mitch is saying is the correct route. Or missing sync etc.
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    aight here's the deal.. might help out some others...

    having a girl on the inside.. I have access to 50+ active cell phones..so I'm kinda PRO at this.. have tethered and committed PAM succesfully on all these lines, all over bluetooth... but this ONE is stumping me..

    here's what I'm doing..

    Obviously I have already turned on bluetooth on the Mac and made the HTC discoverable and turned Bluetooth on it as well..

    1. Open Up System Preferences

    2. Click Bluetooth

    3. Click Setup a New Device

    4. Selecting "Mobile PHone" at Device Type Screen

    5. Search for Bluetooth Devices....

    PROBLEM is, it doesn't find it via this method..which I can't understand why not? anyone?

    but MOVING on, I tried this.. all the ABOVE steps but getting to step # 4

    4. Selecting "ANY DEVICE" at Device Type Screen

    5. Search For Bluetooth Devices..

    6. At select Services available for this device, there is ONLY ONE option, use as a headset!! Which obviously i don't want to do...

    7. I unselect use as a headset and click finish....

    8. Device NOW listed under my Bluetooth Devices menu..

    9. It has all the correct profiles under, Device Services: Service Discovery, Network Access Point, Audio Video Remote Control Profile, A2DP, Active Sync BLuetooth Service, Voice Gateway, OBEX Object Push

    so thats where I'm at?

    Can anyone clue us in from here, on what to do? Or what we're doing wrong

    Scott, I'm not seeing the same items your describing in your post.. I'm running os x 10.4.11 original Macbook Pro,

    frustrating in a way... shoot I'll even take this as well

    1. How to do USB tethering if someone know's how to that? via Mac OS X of course

    2. I'm so desperate that I'm thinkin of picking up a cheap Windows laptop just to get this going, all in the name of accomplishment.. So if anyone knows how to or can point me how to do all USB and Bluetooth tethering in XP that would be nice as well,


    and again


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    Well if you did like Mitch and i suggested you would only have to download the program and run it.
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    Ah, glad you mentioned 10.4. There is a difference, and it is a bit more convoluted in Tiger. I did have a Sprint phone (same phone I use now with Leopard) connected via USB and Bluetooth in Tiger, but you'll have to excuse me if I've forgotten some of it.

    I do remember that you must use "Internet Connect" in Tiger to set up the connection. In the end, however, you'll still need that "Sprint PCS" modem script for the dialing. All the other configurations remain the same, you just need to make some of them in the Internet Connect utility.