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My phone works as normal for now, but it does nothing when I put it on the charger. I went to bed and placed it on the charging dock and it began charging as normal, but when I woke up, I noticed that it didn't indicate that it was on the charger. I took it to another charger and nothing. So I plugged it into the iMac to see if it would be recognized by iPhoto or iTunes and nothing. It won't charge or sync or do anything when it is plugged into anything. I have done countless re-sets, restarts, shutdowns, brushed the connector with a soft bristled brush in case it had got dirty or gummed up. Nothing seems to help. Everything works fine on the phone, I have even reset all settings back to default, but when the battery goes dead, I am gonna be looking at a $400 paper weight. Any suggestions?

iMac 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    perhaps a bad cable?...oops i missed you saying you brought it to another charger...

    you may want to have the genius bar at an Apple store take a look at it

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    Tried 4 different cables and my wife's iPhone will charge and/or sync with those same 4 cables. Oh yeah, the phone was purchased March 6, 2008 and i have upgraded to 2.0.1 about 2 weeks ago.
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    i went through the same thing, only the non Apple car charger worked, Apple ended up replacing the Phone. it isn't the cables or the charger.
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    This happened to my phone as well! I bought my phone in December, But I had dropped my phone back in March and the power button had gotten stuck down. Apple wanted $250 to "repair" it, I said screw that and decided to unstick the button myself for free which required taking it apart. I found a tutorial online and I took it apart, it was pretty hard to do, but I got the button unstuck no problem.

    I wasn't able to get the bottom piece of the case back on so it was quite obvious that something had happened to the phone. I bought a case for the phone so the open portion wouldn't be exposed. The phone has worked fine since then, the charging thing is a totally separate issue that just started happening recently.

    I called Apple Support and he understood that the previous "accidental damage" sounded like it wasn't related to the syncing/charging problem. But he suggested that I take it into an apple store and explain everything, because if it was shipped in like that they would just assume it was damaged and it wouldn't be taken care of under the warranty. I asked the guy on the phone, "So even though it has been damaged and taken apart, if I take it in and explain that it's a different issue they still might replace it for me?" The Apple guy on the phone told me they would.

    Problem is, the nearest Apple Store is nearly 2 hours away. Finally, I was able to get an appointment there on Saturday and made the 2 hour drive down. (This cost me about $40 round trip and I'm a broke college grad) The Apple Store Employee was a dick and wouldn't even hear me out since it had "accidental damage" even though the issue is a complete separate issue. He said my warranty is void and that there's nothing they can do for me. I didn't stay and argue with the guy very long, he seemed pretty firm in his stance. I was told to buy a new one for $200, or I can get mine replaced for $200... Soooo... Buy a new phone no matter what.

    I then made the 2 hour drive back home w/ my broken phone. Because I don't currently have the money to buy a new iPhone... and I probably won't anytime soon. $40 in gas down the drain.

    My phone won't charge with my usb cable that came w/ my phone, tried my roommates ipod charger cable, tried different computers, different usb ports. Nothing. My gf gave me a 3rd party car charger that actually works! So I'm able to charge my phone there... she also gave me a little gadget that turns an AC outlet into a car charger outlet so I can charge my phone inside w/ the car charger in that instead of keeping my phone in the car to charge. It will also charge in a stereo my gf has that has an ipod dock.

    So I can charge my phone... Problem is I can't sync it... So no new music, video, can't sync photos to iPhoto, Whenever there's a new update I won't be able to update... *****...

    My phone was completely dead earlier I had the usb cable plugged into the dock stand thing and the phone was able to recognize something was plugged into it, but it was just saying that it needed to be charged... So that's kind of weird... I dunno...

    I'd like to figure out if I can buy a different brand usb cable that might work. Sure it would've been nice to get a new phone, but Apple has denied me of that... I want to be able to sync my phone to my computer though! When I plug my phone into the usb stand and plug my car charger into it, it will charge through that as well... so the connectors still work or something... I dunno, I'm very confused.

    Any suggestions?
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    well, obviously this is some sort of software issue if generic brand chargers will charge it cause mine hasn't been dropped or damaged in any way. I just hope that I don't miss any important phone calls in the mean time cause I run my business with my mobile phone since it is a trucking company and I'm always driving and never home. So if they replace it under warrantee, would it be another "edge" phone just like it or would it be a 3g phone since that is what is on the market now? sorry about the damaged phone not getting replaced, i know what its like to have those kinds of issues and waste all that gold in the gas tank for nothing!
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    I think they'll replace it with a brand new 3G since that's all they carry. I was excited that I might get a new phone, but really I just want my phone to work again... $400 on a phone to last only 7 months is not cool.

    I don't even try to do anything on my phone anymore since the battery drains so fast! If I wanna play on my phone I risk losing touch with the world... I'm a pretty dissatisfied iPhone customer right now... Even though my broken phone still owns most phones that actually work properly :-P

    If it is a software issue too bad I can't do a restore on my phone since it won't sync!
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    jgmachine wrote:
    I think they'll replace it with a brand new 3G since that's all they carry. I was excited that I might get a new phone, but really I just want my phone to work again...

    Apple has oodles of original iPhones in little white boxes waiting to use as replacement phones for users with problems. So, sorry, they will not replace an original iPhone with a 3G iPhone.
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    Oh rats!! But at least you said it with a iSmile!! haha
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    Well ****, I'd take an original one as long as it worked! I wasn't trying to scam Apple out of a new phone or anything...
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    Had the same problem and did all the things that you did.
    Then I removed some of the apps that I had downloaded and this seems to have corrected the problem
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    I took it to Apple and the same salesman that sold me my iMac helped me. He plugged it in and saw that there was nothing and punched a couple of keys on his computer that the phone was plugged into then proceeded to tell me that he was giving me a new phone. He set it all up with ATT for me and everything and I walked out with a working phone. We wasn't in there for more then 10 minutes. I am pleased with Apple's service. I had done a backup about a week earlier, so when I got home, all I had to do was sync it then I was back in business. Thanks for the help for you folks that responded with tips and ideas. This is a good source for problems with anything "Mac".
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    So I just got a new MacBook... I figured I'd try plugging my iPhone into it for the **** of it. I then got this message:

    USB Over Current Notice
    A USB device is currently drawing too much power.
    The hub it is attached to will be deactivated.

    To clarify the message used the terminology "hub" but it was just plugged straight into my MacBook.

    I then decided to search the net since I had some new information... I found someone w/ a similar problem mentioning something about turning off your iPhone plugging it into the AC Adaptor for 9 hours and then turning it back on. It said it was supposed to be some form of reset... I figured I'd give it a try...

    I turned off my phone, plugged it into the AC adapter, and it did nothing as it always had... It was plugged in for about an hour or two when all of a sudden my iPhone vibrated. I looked over and it was booting up! Interesting... and then it said it was charging and recognized the AC Adapter...

    So I then plugged my iPhone into my MacBook and VOILA! It recognized it! I was able to sync and get the new update and my phone is still connected and working!
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    I tried this... Did not work for me.

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    Excellent post JGMachine! Nice job of describing the sequence of events and what was unique about your solution. Kind of weird having the AC charge reset the phone... but hey, if it worked, no harm.