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My old computer that I had synced my ipod to is dying. I was able to do a backup and restore on the new, replacement computer. When I try to sync my ipod to the new computer, it tells me that it wants to erase my ipod. that would be a bad thing. I have other things on my ipod, not the least of which is recordation of which podcasts I have listened to and which I have not. How can I sync to my new computer without wiping out my ipod?

5th Gen. Ipod, Windows XP
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    No thanks to the information on this website, I found the answer. There are two ways to transfer music, etc. from one computer to another. The first way is to do a backup and restore (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1382?viewlocale=en_US). The second is to copy the itunes folder from "Music" from the old computer to the new (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1329). If you follow the first method, none of the information regarding what you have listened to is transferred, and you get that "Erase [your ipod]" message. If you follow the second, the ipod syncs just fine and (except for audiobooks which apparently have to be reauthorized) works just like it did on the original computer. Unless I missed it, this information was nowhere to be found in the referenced support pages.
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    I used a software program called "CopyTrans" (about $20) that worked great.