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So I've been designing a site for a local business, and the site is nearly completed, it looks great in iWeb, and great in Firefox, but I went to test it in Safari and IE... and the site looks like crap.

It's a diner, so there's a menu page, with ..........'s leading from the menu item to its price, and they don't seem to match up in safari or IE as they do in iWeb or firefox, is there a way to fix this? preferably without re-designing and changing the fonts of the entire site?

see for yourself at:

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    Perhaps using a photopage for the menu is not such a good idea.

    You should think of an alternative design.

    Since my creativity is almost non-existent I browse the internet for ideas. With copy/paste you can be very creative.

    [Look a this|http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/templates/restaurant-web-templates.html]

    Google will find [more templates|http://www.google.com/search?q=diner%20web%20template]

    I use [FreeCSSTemplates|http://www.freecsstemplates.org>. Here are a few that may be of interest:

    [Pizza Parlour|http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/pizzaparlor]
    [Fractal Broccoli|http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/fractalbroccoli]
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    All though it is not the perfect solution, why not create the menu in (for example) Pages or (ahem) MS Word and then save it as a PDF (by going to print it but changing the options).

    Then insert the PDF into your site rather than a web-page so when people click on the link to 'Menu' the page will either open in Preview or Acrobat Reader.

    You could also add a button on the other pages for visitors to download a menu to print off and look at at home. To provide a downloadable version just 'compress it' in finder rather than leave it as a PDF so you will have 2 versions on the site. iWeb will upload the documents to your server when you do a publish.

    Just a suggestion.

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    I am having the SAME EXACT PROBLEM...I will stay tuned to the responses!

    Thanks for asking the questions.
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    As already suggested you might consider not using the Photo page as the way to display the menu and the larger version of the various dishes.

    Instead you could put thumbnail versions of each dish on a non-photo page along with the menu like it looks currently. Then link the thumbnails to a larger photo of the disk. A small button can be created that is placed at the bottom of the thumbnail whick will open a new window with the larger version. Tthe window can be sized to the exact size of the photo. This is done with an HTML Widget. See the bottom example on this demo page. The code you would use is included on the demo page.

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    Have you tried creating a table for this and inserting the menu into a table. There is a great web-site (link below) that will generate a table for you to insert into a page. You should then get a bit of uniformity across the browsers.


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    Hi all;

    I also am having the same problem. In my case, I have short titles under each image. The titles and images look great and exactly as I designed them in Firefox, but when I use Safari, the titles are formatted wrong and have weird spaces, words are split up etc.

    What is with this? Is there anything that I (we) can do? Do I really need to create a table for each image title? (I have about 100 images that are titled).

    Thanks in advance for any light that anybody can shed on the subject!
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    How do you get those to work with iWeb?
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