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Okay I have a quicktime movie that I am using as the background of my slide show. I have text fly in and out over the movie. I can get the movie to loop when I view the slideshow but when I try to export the slideshow to Quicktime the Background quicktime movie only plays once and then stops. I want the quicktime background to continue to loop when I render the entire slideshow to quicktime. And yes I have checked the loop box in the quicktime tab in the inspector window. Please Help!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Is it one slide with the movie bkgd and text flying by as builds in & out, or multiple slides with the movie bkgd and builds in and out for the text? Perhaps you can make it the latter and just repeat the bkgd for each slide; alternatively, stitch together enough copies of the movie prior to importing it to run for the full time of the presentation.
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    Yes, it is one slide with layered builds going in and out. The first 2 times I tried this it worked then on the same keynote file it stopped working on the second render and now it does not work even if I create a new file.

    While I do understand that I could make my slideshow, time it and loop the movies together in iMovie I do not feel that I should have to render two separate things loosing quality on each render because of the time aspect.

    Why would it work and all of a sudden stop? I should not have to go through iMovie making loops and rendering things twice when Keynote should be working.
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    I have the exact same issue. Could someone help please?