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deejayskipp Level 1 (0 points)
Hey everyone i got an ipod classic 30gig
had it for like 3 years now. the problem im having is that it wont turn off completely. when i turn it off the screen will still be on and say "charging" when its not even plugged in. i tried restarting it several times but it stil ends up saying "charging" when i turn it off so it ends up killing the battery. o yea and another thing when it is on and im using it the battery icon on the top right shows that its charging even thought i dont have it plugged in. so i dont know what the problem is. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! could it just be the battery?
  • deggie Level 9 (52,115 points)
    It most likely is the battery, which needs to be replaced. You can send it to Apple to do so, or go to a 3rd party such as http://www.ipodjuice.com (or Google for others) and either buy a battery and install it yourself or have them do it.

    BTW, when you go to buy a battery, you have a 5th Generation iPod, not and iPod Classic. The latter is only available in 80GB and 160GB sizes and came out last September.
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    I have the same problem, that the iPod classic 80 gig won't turn off. It seems to me the whole Play/Pause switch is non-functional. How to fix?
    Also, when I 'reset', and get the apple logo, is that 'turned off'? (I've just bought the iPod 2nd hand, so am not familiar with it.)

    Replies appreciated.
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    I am also having issues with my 80 gig classic. Mine will turn off but only momentarily. Even if I turn it off and slide the hold switch to lock it will still turn on by itself. So I guess mine will turn off, but only for seconds/minutes depending on its mood! I have to recharge almost everyday. Really peacing me off!
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    i too have this issue, my moms ipod classic wont shut off manually, it will turn it self off, but wont let you do it manually. should i and or my mom take it to a apple store?
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    I also had this problem with my 30g. I found the solution on the iPod help page. When the battery is VERY low, it can either freeze on that screen, or not turn on at all -- until A LOT of charging. Sometimes charging doesn't seem to unfreeze it so here is what works for me. 1). Slide the HOLD button back and forth a few times. 2). Hold down the MENU button and CENTER button -- OR-- the CENTER button and the PLAY/PAUSE button. I always forget which combination of buttons, but it's one of these combos. Hold them down, and in 5-10 seconds the ipod should shut off. Hope this helps, I've used this 4-5 time already and it works each time.