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I want to create an album and publish it on the internet but not using Mobile me?

I have a personal web-server/ hosting that I pay for monthly and would like to use that instead of the default mobile me account.

Anyone know how to do this?


Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Export them to the desktop and upload them to your personal web server

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    You can select the album in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export and export them as a basic html page. There are plug-ins available as well which offer richer design opportunities. For instance this will give you Flash albums and this has a wide range of html templates.


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    I think you were asking something other than what the other guys are answering. I think you're asking if you can emulate the Applesque convenient network actions but with your own server that doesn't cost $100 a year.

    Anyway, one program that saves you from this greed is Interarchy. I loved the way that worked for the most part and would have payed for it and still be using it, but it was using too much bandwidth and I'm limited right now.

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    Interarchy will not help you create web galleries.


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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Download and run Pref Setter to open the iPhoto preference file. Then search for "dismissDotMacUpsellWindow", change "False" to "True" and save.

    Greed has nothing to do with it. Apple has put the java support on the server to make the integration for creating album nearly seamless between iPhoto and MobileMe.

    There are 3rd party java based album/slideshow options for iPhoto that can be added to a non-Mac servers.

    If you knew your ftp clients you'd know that CyberDuck is one of the more highly regarded ftp clients for Macs and is $60 less expensive than Interarchy, i.e. free.

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    Gosh I guess I stand corrected and edited. Apple isn't greedy at all. Whatever was I thinking? I forfeit my right to think and speak freely! Thank you for correcting me, Apple.

    My bad.
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    Still wrong.

    There’s no one here from Apple. This is a User to User forum.