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Hi everyone,

I know there's no dual dock as of now. However, I still want to use my dock to charge and "display" my iPhone on my desk. I bought an Apple Bluetooth Headset and to my bewilderment when I have the iPhone on the dock and the Bluetooth Headset charge cable connected to the dock, the headset won't charge. When directly connected to the iPhone, the headset charges.

Am I missing something? Basically, Apple asks us to choose between docking the iPhone and not charging the headset or having the iPhone lying on the desk to charge the headset? What the heck?

Thanks to anyone with any insight as to how still charge the headset, dock the iPhone and have the charge status display on the iPhone when it is docked.


iPhone 3G + Bluetooth Headset
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    Short answer - No.

    I don't think there is any way to dock the iPhone and charge the headset at the same time as I have the same problem. Doing a search through the various discussion boards also yields the same answer. Note that some people have managed to modify a 1st generation dual dock to fit the iPhone 3G - google for that.

    Please Apple - build a dual dock for the iPhone 3G. We all want to buy it !