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Apple is ROBBING its customers - pure and simple. I made the mistake of purchasing yet another season pass and yet again, I have not received all the downloads, there is no way to report a problem in the purchase history once the pass is no longer the latest purchased item in the list, and all emails and tech support calls go unanswered. Last season, when I had this problem with The Riches, several other people complained about this problem in the reviews section of the iTunes store. Many of those post have now been deleted by Apple. I receive some episodes successfully, so I know it isn't my hardware or software. None of my unavailable purchases has ever been made available to me after over a year of complains. And now it's starting again: of the six episodes of Mad Men, season 2, I have received three... and there is nowhere to report this because the support options aren't there! This board is all that's left.

Apple takes $22 from customers and doesn't not deliver on the purchase. Then they censor consumers like me who try to warn others.

This post will never make it past the board's moderators because Apple is no longer an honest company.

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    I've purchased several season passes and have never had a problem. I've had as many as three season passes going at once and never failed to download the latest episodes of each and buying other things in between.

    You need to contact iTunes customer service to resolve this as your experience is not normal. To contact iTunes, there are links to report a problem in every receipt iTunes mails you when you make a purchase. You need to find your receipts and report the problems you are having.

    You can also find the link next to any purchase by viewing your recent purchases in your iTunes store account. Login through iTunes.
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    of the six episodes of Mad Men, season 2, I have received three

    You've tried the Check for Purchases command?

    and there is nowhere to report this because the support options aren't there!

    Sure there is:


    There is no phone number for the iTunes Store. If you've been calling Apple technical support, there's nothing they can do for you since they have nothing to do with the iTunes Store.
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    Same type of issue here. Bought Primeval season pass. Episode 5 has been in the store for days... but "check for purchases" says I've downloaded all my content. Still no episode 5 in my itunes. Reported the problem and almost 24 hours later (will be 24 hours in 20 min)... still no response. Apple is usually pretty good about matters and this is my first iTunes store issue.. but it will discourage me from buying anymore season passes. (or anything else until they resolve the issue).
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    for some reason, new episodes that are clearly available in the itunes store do not download straight away when subscribed with a season pass. seems to be a 12-24 hour delay. this is clearly against apple's own season passes FAQ, which states that "Once a new episode becomes available in the iTunes Store it will be available for you to download". This isn't happening, it's delayed, even when checking for available downloads. looking at other posts, this seems like a common problem recently.

    "I see a new episode available on the iTunes Store but I've not yet received it.
    Once a new episode becomes available in the iTunes Store it will be available for you to download. You can check if you have episodes awaiting download by going to the "Manage Passes" page. Or you can simply select "Check for Available Downloads" under the Store menu in iTunes 8 (or "Check for Purchases" under the Store menu in iTunes 7) to download any unavailable episodes. For Multi-Passes you should check that your Multi-Pass has not expired. This information is also available on the "Manage Passes" page."
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    I would not say they are ROBBING people, but the quality control for season passes is lacking. I have bought 3 season passes and have had trouble every time. When I contact Apple about this, the problem always gets resolved. Contacting Apple is harder then it should be, and I have no faith in season passes on this store.

    I would recommend NOT buying season passes. It is far easier to buy each episode when they come out then to rely on the season pass.