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I am having thumbnail pictures of videos that are no longer on my ipod still show up, while listening to music. I have done the following. I have used itunes to look at my ipod, and I see no movies on my ipod. I have looked at the ipod as a disk drive, and see no videos. The menu on my ipod says that I have no videos or podcasts on it. However, when listening to music, the main screen will still sometimes show pictures of the videos that were on my ipod at one time. I have also checked all my music to make sure that some how, a video clip didn't get placed as an album artwork. I have tried to reset my ipod as well.

How do I get this stuff removed ?


Windows XP
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    Is this because I have a simple question, or because I have a P.O.S. ipod, or both? Just wondering why no one, not even apple support has replied to my question.

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    Just wondering why no one, not even apple support has replied to my question.

    This is a user-to-user forum. No replies probably means no-one who has read your post so far has anything constuctive to offer you.

    Two possible lines of attack suggest themselves. First uncheck the *Include album artwork on your iPod* option on the Music tab of the iPod when connected. Sync the iPod, re-select the option & sync again. With luck this will rebuild the entire artwork cache on the iPod, removing the thumbnails for the now non-existant videos.

    If that doesn't work you will need to try a full restore of the iPod, placing only those items that you want on the iPod afterwards.