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I am trying to add a new stack to my dock, but it won't let me. When I drag the folder to the dock, it shows what programs will try to open it when I hover over the apps, but when I release the mouse, it just goes back to the finder window (the icons in the dock don't separate like it knows I am trying to add something). I have tried this with a folder of apps as well as a folder of documents...

Also, when I try deleting something from the dock by dragging it off the dock, it shows the symbol with the icon (the "poof" or whatever it is!), but when I release the mouse, it goes right back to the dock. It also does this when I drag it to the trash. The only way I can remove anything is by click and hold on the icon and choosing remove from dock. It would be so much easier to just drag it off.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4), MacBook purchased new just over a month ago...
Reply by Douglas McLaughlin on Aug 29, 2008 8:25 PM Helpful
I think I haven an answer to part of your trouble. The Dock has two sides to it. The left-hand side is just for applications. The right-hand side is for documents and folders. You can't drag a document or folder into the left-hand side. If you look at the picture of the MacBook here, you'll see the dashed division line between the applications and the folders/documents in the picture.-Doug

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