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Michael Smith3 Level 1 (135 points)
Does anyone know if the retail Apple Stores offer the online education discounts? I asked my wife who's a teacher for a video iPod for X-mas, and was wondering if she can get the discount at the retail store as another purchase option. Thanks.

  • Helen Lam Level 1 (10 points)
    yup, go to store (online) and on the right near the bottom you'll see educational promotions and educational discounts. you're looking for the discounts. i'm pretty sure you can't get the discount at the retail store.
  • Tweekme Level 2 (195 points)
    I am here in the States (Georgia), and my local store accepted my edu. discount, showing a pay stub & drivers license.
  • Ant1 Level 2 (410 points)
    Michael, here in Australia, or at least in the shop I went to in Canberra, they definitely told me that they could not offer me educational discount on the iPod or its accessories, or any other iPod-related hardware, such as the Nano for example. No problem if you buy online though, you will get the educational discount - obviously -since they advertise it.
    Having said that, you might find that some Apple stores will offer you education discount on the iPod. The return policy varies from store-to-store, so it might be the same with regards to their application of ed. discounts. I guess you can only ask...

  • Michael Smith3 Level 1 (135 points)
    I thank you all for the information.

    I'll let my wife know that she could at least give one of the retail stores a try. I was just curious because I figure if she orders it for me online, there might be a chance that it'll not get here on X-mas day! I know lots of factors depend on that though. I just hope Santa is good to me this year and keeps one in his sack for me! This will be THE hot item this holiday I'm sure! Many thanks, and the best to you all.

  • Freddie L. Level 3 (710 points)
    FYI, CompUSA has also honored the online discounts you're referring to. All I had to do was show my employee ID. So there's another option for you also Mike.

    Mrs. Tech607
  • Rednecs Level 1 (25 points)
    I'm assuming CompUSA is a reseller, in which case it is great but you are obviously talking about employee discounts. What about online education discounts? Would anyone know if resellers in the UK such as Dixons would give student discounts like the ones offered on the website?
  • Simon Clayton Level 4 (1,215 points)
    To get the education discount online, you can only do this online from the education institute (i.e logon to the store from the school, college, university), otherwise it will not work. If she takes proof of her teacher status, she will be fine. I ordered ours from the online store via telephone, and used my wifes student ID and University name.
  • Freddie L. Level 3 (710 points)
    I have Purchased my iMac , Office and iPod......... from CompUSA (an Apple reseller) and had no problem using the discounts in all situations where either applied.It is just like going to the Apple Store. They will also do both. Lastly it is the Government employee discount which works the same as the teacher and student discount. Maybe you need to shop there before you form any opinion about their services.

    Freddie L
  • James A. Ganz Level 1 (95 points)
    I have bought iPods at our local Apple Store and been given the educator discount by presenting my faculty id. It isn't a problem.
  • dood Level 1 (60 points)
    Yeah the apple store in london does offer educational discounts i recieved one as i am student. you need to bring along some documents or teacher/student card showing you belong to that institute.
  • SassyLee Level 1 (65 points)
    I have brought all my ipods and ibook from the apple retail store all u need to do is show your employee card to get the discount. I work for a university.
  • Michael Smith3 Level 1 (135 points)
    Wow! There are more places than I thought regarding the Teacher Discount! And of course more options means a BETTER CHANCE FOR A MOST EXCELLENT X-MAS DAY!! WHOO HOO!!

    Once again, thanks to all for sharing the knowledge! I really appreciate it! I will most certainly pass all this info on to my wife!

    Best to you all...

  • Anthony Beightol Level 1 (35 points)
    I got the discount and i didnt have to show anything!!!! we told him my mom was a teacher and he gave it to us...(she actually is though we just didnt have any proof)

    it depends on the sale representative u get sometimes!!!