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Richard2478 Level 1 (5 points)
My iPhone is stuck showing only the Apple logo on a black screen.

I've tried resetting it several times -- it reboots then hangs on the Apple logo again.

Occasionally, iTunes will flash up a window showing it's linked to my phone but just as quickly it goes again.

The phone just sits doing nothing.

I assumed that when I pressed the Restore buttone on iTunes after the original hang that it would restore my backed-up phone. But it hasn't. Pressing the Home and top button causes a reboot but then it still hangs once the Apple logo appears. iTunes seems to then hang too.

I've only had it for a about a week and might have to return it.

Anyone got any ideas on what's wrong and how I fix it? I'm using the latest version of iTunes.

Thanks for any helpful advice.

iMac and MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    havent had that problem myself, have you put any apps on it yet? that sounds like a return to manufacture job to me, it shouldnt be doing that!
  • Monkeey Level 1 (5 points)
    Hi Richard,
    I suffering exactly the same problem since yesterday (Sun) evening.

    I've not yet updated to the latest version of the iPhone software, have you?
    I can't at the moment, because I can't get it to register with iTunes.

  • Richard2478 Level 1 (5 points)
    The iPhone and iTunes are both updated to the latest versions.

    The phone first crashed while installing a large app - The American Heritage Dictionary which is about 200mb.

    Since then just the Apple logo screen.

    I'll leave it connected all night to iTunes to see if it is actually doing anything as sometimes it seems to reboot. Maybe something is slowly happening for the better, but I doubt it.

    With all the various mobile phones I've owned over the years, this is the one I most looked forward to and it's such a pity to have it be so unreliable.
  • Richard2478 Level 1 (5 points)
    I've since found after Google searches that this is an unresolved bug with Apple's iPhone.

    There is no fix and little information available from Apple at this time.

    The solution seems to be to Restore the iPhone.

    When the iPhone is locked onto the Apple logo screen you you do the restore this way:

    1. Turn off the iPhone: press and hold both the Power button at the top and the Home button at the bottom until the screen goes blank then release the buttons.

    2. Unplug the iPhone from your computer.

    3. Wait perhaps 20 seconds to be sure iTunes is ready. This step is not necessary but I include it as a caution.

    4. Press and hold the Home button.

    5. Continue holding the Home button and plug the iPhone into your computer with the USB cable.

    6. Continue holding the Home button until iTunes asks if you want to Restore the iPhone - this might take 20 seconds.

    7. Restore your iPhone.

    8. After Restoring the iPhone you will be asked whether to reload settings from your iPhone Backup - if one exists - or to set the iPhone up with Factory Settings. I first choose to reload settings from each of the backups, but each time the process failed as iTunes syncs your iPhone and backs it up even when corrupted. Great help.

    9. If your iPhone won't reload a working version from a backup, you'll need to repeat the process above and opt to Reload Factory Settings, or something to that effect. After this, iTunes will sync with your Addresss Book, Calendar, Bookmarks, etc and bring your iPhone pretty much back to its original form then it will add Applications stored in the iTunes Applications folder. In my cas it wouldn't re-install an app called Things because it was apparently corrupted. I haven't tried yet, but I'll delete it from my Applications folder and I think it is possible to reload purchased applications from iStore to iTunes. iThink a mobile phone has never been this difficult.

    Good luck if you've encountered this problem. The solution above should fix it for you.
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    I posted the following in another thread:

    I ran across the following fix from http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2008/08/08/fix-iphones-apple-logo-scre en-of-death-with-recovery-mode. I haven't tried it myself but it's definitely worth a try comparing to spending hours on restoring, which I have done twice so far:

    Darwinian Dude
    Many people have experienced this on the Apple forums with 2.0, 2.0.1 hasn't fixed it. I've got lots of apps, and i've restored 5 times since July 11th, and my backup only worked once. But, Mr Buzz posted the following. I'm yet to try this as it hasn't happened again, but it seems to be a way to save your data and make it boot up when frozen on the apple logo and others have reported that this works.

    So this has happened to me more times than i can count, and I've recovered both my phones (2G + 3G) using this method. I've seen some people in this thread allude to this solution but let me just spell it out completely and hopefully this will save you a few restores on your phone.

    1. Connect to iTunes via USB. Do not disconnect for rest of these steps. iTunes may appear frozen or stuck with spinning beachball....this is okay, do not Force Quit iTunes. I tried a few times w/o it being connected to iTunes and it doesn't work.
    2. Once connected, hold Home + Power until screen blinks then Apple logo comes back up.
    3. Wait until Apple logo dims slightly (~5 minutes or less). Do NOT reboot until the apple logo dims.
    4. Hold Home + Power again until it reboots and Apple logo comes back up.
    5. After 2 min or so, the phone may vibrate once or twice. Continue waiting for the full 5 min until Apple logo dims slightly. iTunes at this stage MAY recognize the phone...do not sync or do anything in iTunes.
    6. Hold Home + Power for the 3rd time until it reboots. Phone may vibrate again after 2 minutes or so. Eventually you'll break into your Home screen.
    Hope that helps and let me know if it does.

    Apparently what causes this endless loop is that the SpringBoard crashes upon launch (over and over again) and launches CrashReporter on the phone itself. It goes into an endless loop until somehow iTunes while connected via USB triggers some sort of fix on the SpringBoard or its preferences/database.

    August 09, 2008 @ 04:22AM
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    I had the same issue. 5 restores in 4 days. Wouldn't restore from backup so always had to restore as a new phone.

    Anyway, I went to the Apple store yesterday to demand a new phone. In addition, I had been having major dropped call issues, call failed issues, slow or non-working internet etc etc. They argued that the freezing was software related (something on my computer was getting onto the phone and causing this) while all my other problems were network and not phone related.

    Anyway, long story short and after speaking to a manager, they swapped out my phone and told me I would back in a week. However, one interesting piece of advice they gave me was to delete all previous software updates from my computer thus forcing it to download a fresh (and possibly uncorrupted) copy.

    So, I did that last night with the new phone (go into home, library, itunes, iphone software updates and delete everything) and lo and behold, my new 2.02 iPhone seems to be (touch wood) working well.

    Now, I don't know if it is the new handset or deleting and re-downloading the software update that did the trick, but thought I would share that in case it helps anyone out there.
  • Earless Puppy Level 4 (1,905 points)
    your fix just saved my iPhone and my data thank you....

    Apple should post this fix live somewhere.... Hint hint moderator
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    Your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo? Welcome to the club.

    The cause of this is a watchdog process that forcibly kills and restarts Springboard when it doesn't respond every two minutes or so. Of course, it sometimes takes longer than two minutes to regenerate the application map after installing/upgrading/deleting any applications. Brilliant, isn't it?

    In other words, rest assured your iPhone is functioning EXACTLY as Apple intended.
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    I am at work and I do NOT have iTunes installed. I do have my USB cable to keep it charged though.

    I tried the 15 minute fix......without iTunes......it worked!!!!!!

    I do not know if it will work for everyone, but I am delighted I do not have to go home and spend 3-4 hours restoring it.
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    disconnect the 3G feature in the network setup. It work for me.
  • mavisXP Level 1 (30 points)
    And for those of us who live in countries without 2G networks?
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    Okay – I've had the same problem many times. I have found a solution that works every single time. There's an app called phoneview from ecamm networks that I've been using for some time. It's made to allow you to use your iPhone as a jump drive and works really well. The developers keep up with iPhone updates and don't miss a beat. I love this app (does not reside on iPhone but on host machine).

    ANYway, one of the things it does is allow you to add pdfs to or modify your notes. After you do any modification, you have to hit "apply changes" which performs a mini restore. Not a reboot, not a reset, but a restore – leaving your iPhone exactly as you left it.

    The nice thing is that no matter how hung you are, it always mounts the phone and its contents so you can perform the above. Another nice thing – and I have no idea what I'm saying here – is that there's access to a folder called "ApplicationArchives" where there's usually the app that caused the problem in the first place. You simply delete it.

    I wish ecamm would see the diagnostic potential their tool inherently has and develop it further. I highly recommend it for this problem (there's a free demo – not sure how it's clipped) but you'll find it really useful elsewhere if you're anything like me.

    Good luck – and let me know how it goes!