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I'm a long-time iTunes user, but brand new to Vista (only choice on my new Dell laptop). I downloaded the iTunes installer, double clicked the .exe file, and Vista tells me I need an application to open it. I can't figure out what the problem is. Microsoft is less than helpful. Can anyone assist?



Windows Vista
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    Did you download the installer from here and save it on your PC - the desktop is a good place.


    The latest iTunesSetup.exe is 60,042 KB in Windows explorer.

    If you have a good download, Apple offer this help on trouble installing iTunes:

    When you ask a question like this, you need to give the exact error message in full otherwise it is hard to offer specific help.
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    the answer should be here:

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    Sorry I wasn't specific enough. After iTunes installer downloads, I click on the file, it starts to open, and then a dialog box called "launch application" opens and says "This link needs to be opened with an application" and it asks me to choose an application. I've never seen this before while downloading and installing a file to XP, and I haven't a clue as to what Vista is looking for. Thanks!

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    When you save the installer on your PC, you should get a file called iTunes Setup.exe which is shown as 62,042 Kb in Windows explorer. Is that what you get?

    I am a bit puzzled by the error message, the file is an exe file and shouldn't need to be "opened with an application"

    Have you given the error message in full? I haven't seen that one before.
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    That is the sum and substance of the error message. It looks like the installer is trying to invoke an application or subroutine that Vista does not recognize; at least, that's the best I can figure out.


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    It seems very odd, have you had any problems installing anything else? iTunes needs a working Windows Installer, but it's hard to think that would be missing in a new PC. If you open Windows Explorer and go to tools>>folder options>>file types, is MSI associated with Windows Installer Package? (That's what you do in XP, it could be different in Vista.)

    It would interesting to see if you can install the stand alone Quicktime - that's the one that does not include iTunes.

    A Quick Google suggests something else.

    Are you certain that you downloaded the XP/Vista version of iTunes

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    When you are told that an application is needed, are you presented with the opportunity to select an application? I'm wondering if there's any hope it'd be as simple as choosing "Windows Installer" from a list.

    Regarding polydorus's suggestion, the path to that particular window is to open a Windows Explorer window, click your Organize menu and choose Folder & Search Options.

    I'm also wondering if perhaps there's something blocking the installer file from downloading correctly. If you're able to install other programs, try using a different browser (such as Firefox or Safari for Windows) to download iTunes. You might also want to (temporarily) disable any security software or firewalls that might prevent the file from downloading appropriately.

    Last but not least, you can always try to download & install in a different user account:
    1. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts
    2. Click on "Manage Another Account"
    3. Click on "Create new user"
    4. Follow the prompts to create a new computer administrator
    5. Restart the PC and log in to the new account