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How can copy my new contacts created on iPhone to SIM?
I have import contacts from SIM to iPhone but i don't found export contacts from iPhone to SIM. How can proceed?

iPhone 3G (2.0.2) 16 GB, Other OS
  • neuroanatomist Level 7 (31,690 points)
    You cannot. The iPhone cannot write contact information to the SIM card. It's stored in flash memory only.
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    iPhone can not export or save any data to the SIM card. You can import contacts from a SIM CARD.

    If you're interested in backing up to a SIM then you should use another phone that will let you write to SIM and Sync with a Mac (like a RAZR)
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    That's strange!!
    hope this can be added in future softwares!!!

    Just a Small question away of this topic for 'neuroanatomist'
    is there a special Font to get the "Apple" in ur signature??
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    The Apple character () is Shift-Option-K on a Mac. It's Unicode U+F8FF, if that helps. Not all browsers display it properly. It shows up as a small box on IE6 in XP. But, it can be copied and pasted in XP - your location appears as "JRDAN" to me (i.e. I can see the apple in place of the 'O').
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    It isn't a special font. It is one of the symbols included with many fonts. On a Mac it is Shift-Option-K, it might be possible with a combination of Alt-and numeric keypad characters on a PC, but I am not sure what they are.

    The storage space on a SIM card has several limitations. First, it is small. Second, it stores entries with one address/number per entry. Some phones will group entries by the same name to get around this restrictions.

    On the other hand the iPhone has at least 4GB of storage, several thousand times the storage available on a SIM card.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    Thank you so much 'neuroanatomist' and Thank you Nathan for the help too

    well, am a Big Fan of Safari for windows and that's why it only copies on here, tried to copy it in other places like my messenger but it showed as an empty box!! non of the Fonts on my computer recognized it but it works fine on Safari....

    about the SIM card, that's very true, i understand why it is not integrated to copy from iPhone to SIM, with my previous phones when i used to have multiple numbers under each name it used to creat a new contact on the sim card for each number...

    but thank you guys so much for the quick reply

    can't wait for getting one here in JRDAN