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I really my Time Capsule and am currently using it to backup my two Macs. I was wondering though. Is there any way to use the Time Capsule as a backup for my Windows machines?

Many thanks in advance!

Windows PC, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    If you can find a Windows backup program that can use Network Attached Storage, it should work with the TC. The two Windows programs that I've got (Ghost and Acronis) don't do NAS.
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    The Time Capsule will work with Windows XP using the Windows backup program, it will not work with Windows Vista because of new security features that Microsoft has added. These features will not allow the TC or other network drives to work when using the Vista backup program.
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    What backup program is that?
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    I use the backup program that ships with XP and it works fine with my TC (All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup). With Vista, I have not found any programs that work with TC, so I just use a regular external disk for backup.
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    Didn't even realise that XP had a backup program. Googled it, and discovered that it is only installed routinely with XP Pro. Did manual install from XP Home installation disk and it's now working.

    One problem - I can't see the TC, and can't remember what I did to get it working from XP on my iMac.
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    Got TC working fine in XP - I'd somehow turned off Windows file sharing on the TC.

    Still can't get XP Backup to work, though. It want's to create a recovery diskette, but fails saying it can't create the diskette. I've formatted the diskette, and can copy files to it OK. Tried another diskette - same problem.
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    Thank you both for this. This is terrific!!


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    Clockwork & FCNewbie,

    Once you have Windows working with the TC, watch that you don't run into this error on your Macs:

    *"The backup disk image could not be mounted"*

    *“Disconnect All Users…”:*
    If your Time Machine backup drive (“Backup of Users Computer”) is mounted on your desktop or in the Sidebar of the Finder window. then Time Machine may think the drive is already in use. Alternatively, if the Time Capsule hard disk has been recently accessed by a Windows machine, it may not have fully relinquished control. Do the following:

    Open Airport Utility and select the Time Capsule on the left.
    Click “Manual Setup”.
    Select “Disks” at top of window.
    Click “Disconnect All Users…” at bottom of window.
    Now try Backing up again.
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    Thanks for that advice.

    I still can't create a restore floppy. If I run the backup program using the wizard, it fails saying "The files for the recovery diskette could not be created. The operation was aborted". If I select advanced, and run the backup manually, it works fine, but doesn't create the boot floppy. I can't find a way of creating the asr boot floppy manually.

    Any ideas?

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    I skipped the recovery disk and went to the Advance features for specific file back up (out of curiosity), but was not able to complete a back up. Using Win XP Pro. It failed via Fusion as well as the PC machine. It failed even with the internal drive's second partition after failing with Time Capsule. I've been using Drive Image, so it doesn't matter, but sadly can't get the MS Backup program to work. As well, only Ghost 14 supports NAS (nee Drive Image), but I don't have plans to purchase it.