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Everytime I plug in my 80 GB iPod (forgot what the name was, but its one of the newer ones that isnt an iPod touch) my iTunes freezes up and just wont move. I cant click any buttons or anything on iTunes, and as soon as I unplug my iPod iTunes just unfreezes... Is there any way I can fix this?

Windows Vista
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    What exact version of iTunes do you have?

    itunes menu > Help > About itunes
    let the version scroll up
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    I have the same problem too!
    I've upgraded to Itunes 8.01 added a few tracks to itunes, synced to my iphone 3g and ipod touch and now all of a sudden itunes doesn't respond and hangs / crashes as soon as you plug in an ipod or ihpone 3g.
    I'm using Windows Vista.
    The interesting thing is that the computer itself picks up the ipod / iphone once I plug it in via USB but if I have itunes open as soon as it open itunes freezes.
    I have to remove the ipod / iphone from the USB to make itunes work again.

    Please help.

    Please note I have uninstalled both itunes and quicktime twice to resolve this issue.
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    I know how to fix it once and for all. (Itunes 8.01 but it might work with other older versions)
    There are loads of threads on this but I honestly think I've done it.

    If your itunes freezes or hangs when you plug in an apple device via usb.

    Unplug your device then on itunes click edit, preferences, devices,click on a device and then click reset,sync history.
    Once this is done when you plug in your ipod / iphone should all work fine again.
    Hope it works for you all