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Is it possible to stream music to an AirPort Express on a different wireless network that is connected to the same wired Ethernet network?

I have two AirPort Expresses, one is the old 802.11b/g and one is the new 802.11n. Each creates its own wireless network, so that N clients can use the 5 GHz spectrum. Both are connected with Ethernet to the same switch, so they access the same wired network and can talk to each other.

The computer running iTunes is connected to the N network. I want to stream music to the AX hosting the B/G network. I can see it in iTunes, but when I send the audio to those speakers, nothing plays.

This computer used to be connected to the B/G network and audio played fine. I can still control this iTunes using my iPhone, which goes through both wireless networks (iPhone -> B/G AX -> wired switch -> N AX -> desktop), so I know everyone can see each other.

Mac Pro (2x quad 2.8 GHz), Mac OS X (10.5.4)