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I'm considering getting a new car and I am not kidding when I say that factory iPhone 3G integration is amongst the most important considerations and while I have a number of preferences this issue alone would make me look seriously at a manufacturer I might not otherwise consider. I had a 911 and the memory of getting an aftermarket solution put in to that still makes me shudder and I swore I would never do it again. I do not want chintzy after-market solutions, and the issue with FireWire charging, or the lack of it, shows that even the "best" solutions can be found wanting. Most websites detail how to do this after the fact, on the cheap. I'm beyond that now.

Apple's site is poor on topic, as are most manufacturers. Apple, for example, has a movie about BMW but I read that its solution charges over FireWire despite being introduced less than a year ago. Same applies to Mini, obviously. There are others that barely detail this, and the dealerships are beyond useless (and in fairness to them issues around which pin charges an iPhone or whether it can "pull" contacts over Bluetooth are pretty obscure!). Anyone have any good tips? As my car allowance is very generous this should be a fun purchasing experience but this is driving me crazy (as it were...). Thanks!

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