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ok so I spilled about half a cub of water onto my MacBook keyboard and it immediatley shut off. I instantly took out the battery and opened it all the way taking the keyboard/trackpad piece of and dried it out with a towel. I then let it sit upsidedown for an hour then tried to turn it back on didn't work so I let it sit with a fan blowing on it for 24 hours then tried again I just plugged the keyboard tape in snapped it in but didn't put any screws in and the battery hit the power key didn't work. I also noticed when I originally took the battery out 3 of the 5 lights kept flashing wouldnt turn off even now 1 of them blinks for 30 seconds but only when I click the button. The insides of the computer don't look wet at all what should I do is my MacBook screwed?

Macbook 13 In, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    "Is my MacBook screwed?" I don't think you really need to ask, do you? Sure sounds like it to me. Better take a trip to the Apple service center.

    If it'll make you feel any better just search the forums for "spill." I think you'll find you're not alone.
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    ok but do you think it's just a broken battery or keyboard or do you think the logic board is fried.
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    I have no idea. That's why you need to take it in for repair. They can run the needed diagnostics to determine any damage.
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    ok thank you just one last question... When I bring it there should I tell them I spilt water on it or not because even opened I see no traces of water
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    Sorry, but I can't really advise you to do that. They will need to know the problem.
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    The MacBook may be able to recover if it is *only water* and not soda, coffee, tea, etc. It would take at least a few days for the MacBook to dry out at room temperature. Since you disassembled the machine, check extra carefully that the ribbon connector is seated correctly. Also, it could still be damp where you can't see without more disassembly.

    Given how many people are spilling stuff in their MacBooks, it would be a big plus if Apple could come up with a spill-resistant keyboard for the next model. I recall reading a while back about a Windows notebook that could take an 8 oz (24 cl) water dump on the keyboard without shorting out.

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    I read that on Gizmodo, and perhaps the OP uses a dehumidifier on the MacBook?
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    Dave, is your MacBook working yet. I had the exact same thing happened to my mac too! I spilt water on it Sat. night. Mine isn't working yet, I was just wondering if you got your to work for you?

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    this happened to me so i left the mac book dried out the battery and then waited. in a few hours it was fine. maybe you should charge it.

    i dont see how this could help you but oh well
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    I also recently spilled water on my mac... only its working, but my screen is slightly messed up, like part of it is dark and the part is really bright? its almost like the water is behind the screen. any suggestions?
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    There is hope.

    My daughter left her MacBook (less than a month old) running and charging over night.

    When she woke she found that she had knocked over an entire glass of water on it.

    It was dead. Would not start. She let it sit for two days. It was still dead. She took it to the Apple store, (without my knowledge). The Genus took the computer back and had a look at it. He returned and told her it was destroyed. Much corrosion. The minimum repair would be $750. She broke down and cried right there in the store. She finally told me. I was very sad. I tried to start it. It was still dead. So two nights later while I sat waiting for Ike to come ashore. I prayed for God to fix it and gave it one more try. ITs ALIVE!!!!!

    I wonder if my extended warranty is any good now for future problems or should I just get a refund?

    Should I go back to the Apple store and show it to them?

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    Be sure to tell them water was spilled on it. If they know that up front, it can make things far simpler for them. Also, even if you don't tell them water was spilled on it, they will know once opening up the machine. There could be water on the underside of the logic board and even though the machine looks ok now it could have started corroding by the time Apple look at it. If the board is damaged look for a repair cost of $800 on up.
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    As the machine has been spilled on, the warranty is void. You would be best off getting a refund for the warranty and hoping the machine continues working. If you were to keep the machine and have a problem down the road, there is most likely evidence of a spill within the machine and the machine would be treated as out of warranty.
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    apple has there own methods of finding out what happen to it, so its best not to lie, they will know there is water damage.