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As repetitive as this probably is by now, none of the answers in previous questions have worked. I've reset the the station, set everything to default, taken down all my firewalls, reset my internet configuration to default, used help and assistant files all day, and did a bunch of hardware checks with the cds.

I get a full signal, but I have no connection. I can't connect through other wireless signals, though I have a full signal. I can't physically check the air port card in my lap top. The other computers also read a full signal but no connection. We're using Macs, Dells, and Toshibas. Is there anything else I can do, or should I just take the station and my laptop to a Apple store?

Thanks! Sorry again for the repeat question.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Hello Auwana. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    The other computers also read a full signal but no connection.

    Since all your computers are unable to access the Internet through the AirPort Express Base Station (AX), then most likely, the problem is either with the AX itself or the communication between the modem & the AX.

    To rule out the modem, if you connect any of your computers directly using an Ethernet cable to the modem, can they access the Internet? If so, the modem appears to be functioning properly.

    o While the computer is still connected, note the IP address that it is assigned. Also note the IP addresses of the DNS servers that are assigned. These should match the ones provided by your ISP.
    o After jotting down these IP addresses, go ahead and power-down the computer and the modem. Also disconnect the computer from the modem.
    o While these are off, perform a "factory default" reset on the AX. After the reset completes, unplug the AX from power & connect an Ethernet cord between the modem and the AX.
    o Power-up the modem; Wait at least 15 minutes for it to establish communications with the ISP.
    o Plug the AX back to the power source; Wait at least 10 minutes to allow the AX to fully initialize. The AX should now be in its default power-on state and should be operating as a wireless router. (Note: The AX's status light may be solid green or still blinking amber after 10 minutes.)
    o If the status light is flashing amber, power-on your computer, and then, using the AirPort Utility go to the utility's Status page and click on the amber circle to see what the problem is. Correct any problems until you get a green status light.
    o Once you have a solid green, use the AirPort Utility and go to the Status page and check the IP address value. This should be close to, but not necessarily the same, as the one you got when you plugged your computer directly into the modem. Also go to the Internet > Internet Connection tab and note the values for the DNS IP addresses. These should match the ones you got when the computer was directly connected to the modem.

    Please let me know the results.
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    Well, I'm in a dorm so there is no modem, just an Ethernet cord that goes from the wall into the computer/base. So I disconnected the cord from the base, reset the base, then unplugged the base. I waited about five minutes before I plugged the cord into the base and the base into the outlet. My laptop was off so I didn't connect, but I don't know if anyone else did while I waited for it to get up to speed. Doesn't seem to have mattered, because it works just fine now.

    I think the problem had to do with using a password. This happened near the end of last semester, when I put a password on the base in hopes of keeping the number of connections limited during finals. I'll see if not having a password works.

    Thanks for your help! Everything is working like it used to.