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I'm working on a Tiger OS and I cannot connect to my time capsule. I followed instructions in the manual, but I simply do not see Time Capsule on my desktop, and there is very little info in the manual.

I am working off of ethernet, not airport, and would prefer to used ethernet for the moment. I have it connected via LAN port to my macbook pro. There's only one ethernet port on my computer. Does anyone have any advice? I know about about Macs, but dont have much experience with network specs.

I simply need to archive data, but I cannot see Time Capsule on my desktop. Time Capsule is connected just fine to my modem, but now how do I connect to my computer? I've tried to unplug ethernet from my computer, and into the LAN port on my capsule, but to no avail.

I am absolutely clueless as to how I can use this machine at this point??

Thanks much.
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    Check the box mount server on the desktop under Finder preferences.

    Using airpoty Utility under Disks check file share and wan

    Using Finder GO function type in the window afp:// to mount the TC hard drive.
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    I have the same problem : My TC works fine with Airport but when I close Airport (with the Ethernet wire plug in) the TC icon disappear from the finder
    I tried 3 class 5 ethernet wires : 2 direct and 1 crossed : the same
    Share and wan are checked in Airport panel
    When I try to connect to afp:// no server
    The magic potion ?
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    You probably don't have the Network Preferences set correctly.

    Connecting The Time Capsule Via Ethernet

    Connect one end of a Cat-5 Ethernet cable into one of the LAN ports of the TC (<•••>).
    Connect the other end to your Macs ethernet port.
    Open Network Preferences.
    At the top change "Location:" to "Ethernet Connection".
    In the list on the left "Ethernet" should be at the top of the list. (If not use the Action Menu (gear button) at the bottom to "Set Service Order".)
    Click "Apply" in the lower right.
    Give it a moment to acquire an IP address from the TC.
    You should now be connected.
    Now begin your initial backup.
    Now that you are reconnected to the TC, you should still have internet access during the backup.

    Let us know if this was helpful. Next time start a new thread, you're more likely to get helpful responses that way.

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    You nailed it with your advice regarding Network Preferences. I was having the same problems and searched long and hard for answers but yours was the best.