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pdcameron Level 1 Level 1
so it keeps acting like it is looking but it never receives any. it actually worked yesterday but today nothing? tried it n the wifi and on the edge network...

any suggestions?

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  • Free Tibet Level 1 Level 1
    yep, I got this lots it's a bug alright, this is really bad news.
    main problems with Mail that have to be sorted out soon or it will kill any hope of business use for the iPhone. (All mail related)
    1/ This issue of sent mail vanishing
    2/ Mail just not getting picked up, this is the big one, the phone just stopps picking up mail and has to be switched off and on again to work.
    3/ The phone will pick up a wireless network but no valid network details, then it tries to use the wirless network to route e.mail and web / data traffic. This is just plain bad, a simple dns lookup once connected to a new network should verify the network settigs if the lookup fails the network should be dropped.

    Apple needs to sort these simple problems out now or will certainly lose the business market. These are simple things if they were sorted out the iPhone would be absolutely the best device.
    With the problems unsorted the iPhone is fundamentally flawed and useless as a serious business device.
  • SteveGrr Level 1 Level 1
    I hate to simply post a "me too" but I'm not sure what else to say. My iphone stopped picking up email on 28 Aug.

    But I just docked to my PC and suddenly it decided to download from my ISP and googlemail accounts. I'm not sure if it synched a stealth update or if something reset. Curious...
  • wisconsinplaymakers Level 1 Level 1
    have you figured out a solution to this? I just got this phone and am thinking about switching back to sprint blackberry. I don't want to have to shut my iPhone on and off 30 times a day.
  • dmy911 Level 1 Level 1
    I've only noticed this problem since updating to the latest firmware.

    It used to check email fine and without problem - i have to reset to check mail..

    hopefully its sorted soon.
  • rgwc Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem as dmy911's since installing firmware: email used to work with my POP accounts; now doesn't retrieve emails, even though it says it has. Can't find any way to retrieve.

    Tried powering down iPhone and resetting network. Same problem.

    Tried deleting email accounts. Then added my gmail account -- same problem. Tried to add my Other POP accounts -- in verifying POP account information, get "Cannot Connect Using SSL". If I say "Yes" to setting up without SSL, get the same error message.

    BTW, I've never been able to send emails through my POP accounts' smtp servers -- even gmail's -- unless I'm home connecting my iPhone through my WiFi system.

    I'll go over to the Apple Store to see if their Geniuses can help.
  • BrokenDC10 Level 1 Level 1
    Try this...........worked for me:

    Go to settings/general/reset/reset network settings

    - Mark
  • Jason L Community Specialists Community Specialists
    Hey pdcameron,

    So does the mail app say checking for mail and you see a spinning gear?
    Try quitting the Mail application by holding the Home button for ~7 seconds and then relaunching it.
    This article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2032 describes that issue.

    If that does not resolve the issue try deleting account and then adding it again.

  • unhsta Level 1 Level 1
    Here's my issue. Outside of Boston I'm on Edge network and can receive emails. Just went to lunch and crossed into 3G range. Can't receive email. Returned to office and Edge network and email works. What's the deal with this? First time this happened I rest email account while in the 3G network to receive mail. When I returned home and back to Edge couldn't ge email until I reset my account again. Anyone else have this issue?
  • phatsuit Level 1 Level 1
    Hey ush,

    I have the same problem and it is a PAIN. If you turn off and turn on the iphone it will work.
  • hotdawg100 Level 1 Level 1
    Try this:

    go to settings > mail, contacts, calendar > show

    increase the number of recent messages to be displayed, or delete your older emails!