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nylee Level 1 (0 points)
Dear Mac Users

I have a Mac Mini. I tried to install Linux on it, and during the installation, some bad thing happened.

Right now, CD is jammed in Mac Mini and no OS is installed. Another bad thing is that the CD itself is not bootable one.

How can I eject CD in this case ? I have PC keyboard.

Is there some key combination to eject CD during booting ? or Is there some manual eject button ?

Thanks in Advance

  • Boece Level 5 (6,245 points)
    Typically you can eject a CD by holding down the mouse button (left button if you have two) for the first 30-seconds (or so) after turning on power to the Mini.

    You'll need a wired usb mouse to do this.

    BTW do you think the disc is actually "jammed" in the Mini? Or is it just not ejecting because you don't have a working OS?

    There is no manual eject button on the CD drive.
  • John Lockwood Level 5 (7,220 points)
    Keeping the mouse button held down when turning the Mac on is probably the simplest approach (I believe it would actually be the left mouse button since the single mouse button on original Mac mice is mapped the left mouse button).

    In the past and depending on the keyboard, F12 would be equivalent to the Eject key. For example if you have the old original iMac style keyboard (the transparent one), then it has no dedicated eject key but F12 typically works for me.

    Again the Mouse button trick is probably the best option.

    PS. The Mac mini has no physical eject button on its CD drive. A last desperate option would be to take the case off and examine the drive directly.