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I bought a Creative I/O USB 2.0 port PCI card for my "sawtooth" Power Mac G4 thinking I could use it for faster data transfers from my external USB 2.0 drives. Installation was easy and it shows up in the system profiler except in the PCI list it says it's occupying slot D and then below it that line it says the same thing again. Also my USB 2.0 drives won't work on it and they won't mount. But my Apple keyboard and mouse work fine when plugged into the PCI card. Why is it only some devices work?

2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook (Black), 450 Mhz Power Mac G4 "Sawtooth", Mac OS X (10.5.4), G4 dual boots OS X 10.4.11 and Mac OS 9.2.2
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    Do you know the chipset of the USB PCI card? I can only find information for Creative I/O that shows use of only ALi or VIA chipsets.

    NEC chipsets are preferred.

    It could be that the card chipset doesn't have the compatibility to communicate with the external drives (possibly additional drivers needed).
    It could also be that the chipset of the external drive housing is not compatible with the controller chipset of the PCI card.
    Add to that the possibility that the combination of the two chipsets are not compatible with OS X.

    What are the makes of the external drive housings?
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    I'm not sure about the chipset. The external drives are Maxtor/Seagate.
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    I have recently successfully installed a Belkin into my Sawtooth as it was suggested to be a good combination. However, when I put it into my newly acquired Quicksilver it refused to boot. I can only assume it was a bus speed issue.
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    I've been told by several different people and by some exploration that Tiger was never meant to boot USB because the original system was all USB1.1. Right now, I just take their word for it because I have nothing to refute it. In the software world moving USB and Firewire drives from one boot scheme to another is far from trivial. As far as mounting and using the drives for storage, etc I understand that this is not so bad.

    Take this with a grain of salt. I design radios and integrated circuits not software. Now if you need help with a SPICE simulation..............;-)
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    Best bet is any card with a NEC PD720100 or PD720101 chipset. Stick with the NEC chip, and try NOT to use drivers, Tiger doesn't need the drivers.

    All of these Cards are NEC chipset based
    Adaptec 3100LP
    BAFO BF-460
    Belkin F5U220
    GWC UC-160
    IOGear GIC250U & GIC251U
    Keyspan U2PCI-5
    O'toLink U2-C2A, U2-C2B, U2-P20N & U2-P50
    Ratoc PCIU5
    USBWholesale UII-PCIP

    I have an IOGear GIC251U USB PCI card in my G4 AGP.

     Cheers, Tom

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    I have the Belkin Card with the nec chipset but have sleep problems, any help?