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I work with Photoshop a lot, handling images up to 5000 pixels with many layers in my iBook G4 14' 933Mhz, 1Gb RAM, albeit slowly at filters and some tools. Since my wife wants a notebook, I'll pass Zappa (my faithful iBook) to her and buy a new one for me.

I considered the Macbook, but i frankly hated the plastic enclosure as the iBook made me fed up of it. Also, there are reports of broken top cases after a while and i want to buy a laptop to last a minimum of 5 years.

Then there's the Macbook Pro, but they're expensive and really big and I want something really portable and easy to get on my hands quickly.

Hence, the Air. After trying one for a couple of hours i fell in love with it: it's small, light, sturdy, with a great screen and a keyboard with backlight. The thing is: how good is it at Photoshop? Will the core shutdown problems make it unusable for me, even after the latest patch from Apple? And how fast will it be for someone used to the old G4 processor?

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.4)