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I have to use Apple+V (copied a space) to make a space everytime now. Please help me. I had a few drops of coffee fall onto my keyboard (Yes, I cleaned it off) and the keyboard was typing fine afterwards. A few hours later the spacebar stopped responding. It doesnt create a space when I type. I have had much larger spills (i.e. an entire can of Rockstar) than this before and after a few days of my iBook being placed upside down (like Apple suggested), everything was fine. I assume its b/c of the coffee spill my spacebar isn't working? I have tried putting the computer upside down already for over 12 hours and no luck. I also removed and cleaned the spacebar key and put it back on, no luck. I've called Apple- not under the AppleCare Hardware Plan anymore (had this iBook for 3 years now), they said it will be $400+weeks of sending away my laptop to get it fixed- I CANNOT AFFORD THAT. I use my iBook for working and writing which is my main income...I can't have this issue...this is taking too long to type. PLEASE HELP....Any ideas of what to do? I am not tech savvy and cant remove the entire keyboard myself so that is not an option. Thanks guys..

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Also I just found another post and got the idea to test if this is a system wide problem or local to my account and found its system wide. Now what?:(
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    Get an external USB KB.
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    Hi. BDAqua's sound advice will identify whether or not the keyboard itself is at fault. If by this means you discover that your iBook keyboard is faulty or if you want to go straight to a KB replacement instructions for removal/replacement can be found here:


    It is not a difficult job and Apple wouldn't have published the instructions if they didn't think that the procedure was fairly simple. If you have mastered the complexities of the small plastic springs, clips etc. beneath the spacebar you are well able to cope with a KB replacement.

    I don't know whether Apple sales still stock these, you could enquire at the office that deals with your area. They regularly come up for sale on eBay, just make sure that you get a like for like replacement and from a reputable seller with good feedback.

    iFixit.com and welovemacs.com are two other, amongst many, sources that you might like to investigate. iFixit also have instructions on their website.

    Good luck,

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    OK I am using a different computer now as I am using someone elses... please if any of you have further advice- I would GREATLY appreciate it. It has been tough with no spacebar. :'( And thank you so much to everyone who has commented thus far! I am saving all your valuable information!