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I have been installing some of the softwares that I have been using under XP on a PC. Yesterday I was intalling a particular Chinese data entry method that I had no problem installing before on a PC. But after installation, it did not show up in the data entry method menu. However this is not my main problem at present.

Today I tried to boot up my iMac under Windows XP, and it gets stuck at the screen with the Windows XP logo and will not complete the boot. Even when I inserted the Windows XP boot disk in the disk drive, it still gets stuck at the same point. Even when I selected the option of booting from the last configuration that worked, it is still stuck at the same point. I have tried powering off and start again several times, but to no avail. So what can I do to get pass this point, and what can I do to get the XP boot disk out.

Thansk for anyone's help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I turned off the iMac for about 30 minutes, and then restarted the machine, and it seemed to have fixed itself and Windows XP booted up without any problems and I was able to eject the Windows XP boot disk.
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    Yesterday I started to have problems booting from Windows XP. It would get stuck at the Windows XP logo screen. I would power down and then start the machine again, it would give me several options to boot, and I would select the last configuation that worked, but it still got stuck at the Windows XP logo screen. Even putting the Windows XP boot disk in did not help, the disk just got stuck in the drive. I tried several times, then left the machine off for about 30 minutes, than tried again, and it booted OK.

    I thought it might be the Chinese Data Entry software that I just installed that might have caused the problem, so I uninstalled the software, still the same problem persisted. Eventually after trying several times, and waiting for about 30 minutes, it was OK again.

    I think I have to restore Windows from backup back to a point where it booted OK, but I have to first of all be able to boot into Mac OS, which means I have to be able to boot into Windows XP first in order to switch. So it is like a catch 22 situation. Shall I just keep trying till I can boot successfully from Windows XP.

    What can I do in future if I am stuck with Windows XP not booting successfully?

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    I have got the same problem again
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    When I got that problem in the past (on a generic PC) it usually required a reinstall. Google for instructions on how to reinstall Windows on top of itself. There is also an option if you boot from the Windows CD to run a recovery or something like that which might also help.

    I'm not sure if it will help or not with Bootcamp but it has in the past on my PC.
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    I continue to have "problems" with Windows XP Startup on my iMac.

    I restored my XP back to the point when it last booted without any problem. It then booted without any problem. Then when I restart or shut down and boot again, I am stuck at the XP logo screen again, and I have to power off and start again, choosing to use the last good configuration. I have turned on the switch to generate the boot log file, but it does not appear to have logged anything for the sessions when it did not boot up, but only logged information for the sessions when I chose the last good configuration.

    So I am at a loss as to the cause of the problem. I suspect it is some interaction between XP, Boot Camp and the iMac, but I just cannot pinpoint where the cause is and fix it. Somehow some of the values for the XP Control Sets are not quite right or settings are not saved properly when Windows XP is shut down.

    Would appreciate any help or suggestions from anyone who has similar problems
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    I am having the same problem except mine won't even boot into the last good configuration. When I start XP in Safe Mode, my keyboard is not recognized so I can't log into an account that needs a password. Then of course, in Safe Mode, I can't update or install the keyboard drivers.

    Given this, XP will run in Fusion and it runs just fine. It just won't start up in Bootcamp.

    Anyone have a solution?
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    do you have an external hardrive connected? if so disconnect and try to boot into windows....I had to update firmware on my external WD firewire drive and now it boots OK
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    It could very well be an external harddrive connected to your computer. I have the same problem, and have to unplug both my WD drives, or XP refuses to boot.

    But you said you updated the firmware of your drives, and it worked after that? I'm going to try that out, thanks.
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    Yes, I do have a WD external drive plugged in which I use for backup of my hard drive for Apple OS X, as well as back up of my Windows partition using Wincloe.

    So you are suggestinjg that I should:

    1. Unplug the WD external drive
    2. Boot up Windows XP
    3. Plug back the WD external drive
    4. Update the firmware of the WD external drive

    Then it should boot up every time while the ED drive is plugged in.
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    I did what you suggested and it solved my problem. In any case, my WD external drive is used for backup of both the Mac partition as well as the Windows partition running under Mac OS X, so I really do not need to turn it on when booting into Windows.

    Thanks very much.

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    Thanks very much for your similar suggestion for disconnecting the external WD drive when booting Windows. It solved my problem.