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    Does Apple pay you or something?

    "direct" music downloads is a important feature to have on a mobile, WiFi itune on a 3G phone makes no sense.

    Your best answer is something a Apple geek would say, enjoy your Nokia.
    You don't even answer the question.
  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,042 points)
    "Does Apple pay you or something?"


    "direct" music downloads is a important feature to have on a mobile, WiFi itune on a 3G phone makes no sense."

    Maybe so, but this is a user forum. We can't make it do what you want.

    "You don't even answer the question."

    WRONG. I answered the question with back-up

    Your question - "Does anyone know if iphone can somehow download music directly to the phone without sync'ing with itunes (ie laptop) or WiFi connection."

    My answer:

    "Page 118 of the manual:

    "To use the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store for songs and albums, iPhone must join a Wi-Fi
    network that is connected to the Internet. "

    Here is a link to the manual. You can read it for yourself.
  • DCUBEHILL Level 1 (10 points)
    This doesn't answer my question but thanks for trying, I think I have posted I prefer the iphone, and after reasons why? it can't or any workarounds to allow direct music downloads.

    Referring to a manual or saying enjoy the Nokia not very constructive, I think you tried to answer my question in the past and haven't been able too, I rather receive post from someone else.
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    I'm not sure what is exactly your "question" at this point. You can download music from anyplace you can connect to WiFi. If your bus stop has WiFi you can connect there and buy music.

    No one here, since this is a user-to-user forum, can give you a definitive answer as to why Apple has chosen to not change from an iTunes WiFi Store to an iTunes Wireless Store. It may have a lot to do with their contracts with the various labels and how much revenue they would have to share with the various cell carriers and renegotiating contracts with the various labels to allow this change.

    If you want your answer try this contact:

    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino, CA 95014

    They haven't told the media anything but perhaps if you write to them they will give you an answer that will satisfy you. No one on this site will be able to do so.
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    Thanks I understand the limitations of the disscussion forum and I have put in a enhancement request to apple, but they have a disclaimer about any feedback, so not sure if they even consider it.

    I hoping by having my question on the forum un-answered, maybe Apple will reconsider not having direct download to the iphone like most 3G phones.

    I not sure about your neighbourhood but in Australia wifi coverage is fairly limited to household broadband let unknown wifi at a bus stop. Although my local council has recently put wifi at the local shops.

    But the reason I require 3G download to the iphone is when I not in my local area on holidays or outside of wifi coverage I can't download music but I can browser the itune store but not download music, this makes no sense.

    The great thing Apple did was make the phone a portable media device for the internet, email but limited music.

    I get your point maybe there a technical problem but if other phones can why the iphone can't and my previous post suggested Apple had made a business decision to limit this feature to wifi to make more money.

    Plus my laptop uses a mobile network which connects to the internet and use itunes to download songs, the same network the iphone would use if the itune store wasn't limited to wifi.

    My point is not to bag Apple back to provide feedback.

    I understand "iphone" can't directly music download, but my question does extend to workarounds that could allow the iphone to do this. So for example iphone has internet access can music be download to iphone over the internet etc...

    Anyway thanks for all the disscussions... I leave it un-answered until the iphone has this important feature.
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    PS I think I may write a letter but what the bet I get some standardise response back, well can only try I suppose.
  • DCUBEHILL Level 1 (10 points)
    Finally some hope I beable to get a iphone, yeaa..!

    iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store goes 3G

    The iTunes Music Store previously was limited to allowing purchases on the iPhone only over Wi-Fi; that restriction has been lifted, at least for iPhone 3G users, who can now purchase and download content to their iPhones over a 3G connection. That feature is being implemented today, and provides iPhone users with the same price and selection on the iPhone as they would find on iTunes on the Mac or PC.

    Thank You Apple for fixing the lack of 3G iTune downloads.
    I think I be buying my iphone in the next couple of days...yeaa...
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