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I am thinking of using a Mac Mini for a "Direct Capture" video device. Plug a DVI to Composite adapter to a 7 inch LCD, firewire to the camera and Viola...Now I just need some way to power the whole thing in the field...Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you

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    Personally I think you'd do better with a laptop - not only designed to be used away from a conventional power source and thus run from batteries for several hours, but also self-contained and designed for portability. I suspect a base model MacBook would be less expensive than a Mac mini, 7" LCD, adapters, suitable battery and inverter, and likely run longer and give rather better overall video quality.

    That said, there have been a number of users over the lifespan of the mac mini who have used them mobile. Googling for details of how that has been accomplished may well help, though in most instances would likely be using the 12v car battery with inverter - not a particularly mobile solution away from a car.