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So, last night when i tried to charge my iPod it wouldnt turn on. At all. And it was not recognized by my portable iPod charger. But this morning, when i turned it on, an exclamation point icon would appear next to a half-charged battery bar, then it would switch to the apple logo, then turn off.

However, a couple of minutes ago i tried charging it again and got the same thing, but this time, when i took out the charger, the apple logo glitched. It almost seemed like the screen was shifted upward, and then, instead of showing the battery logo, the glitched screen just faded out. And then the same thing happened again when i turned it on.

I went to another forum and was told that the best thing i should try would be to just leave it in the charger for a few days until it comes back to life, however on the "iPod wont turn on" page here, it seemed like the best idea would be to just ignore it for 24 hours and then try charging it/resetting it again. What can i do to get my iPod working?

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