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Are there any simple-to-follow tutorials available for Mainstage?
I want to play synths via my midi guitar (Godin & AX50) whilst triggering loops and bass lines
from a Yamaha MFC10 floorboard. The Axon and MFC10 are sending on different midi channels,
but I am having a difficult time setting up Mainstage in a 'multitrack' mode for this kind of performance.
Thanks to any other patient teachers!

Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Godin+AX 5, MFC10
  • John Moores Level 1 Level 1

    The crucial question regarding loops, basslines and the like is "what's going to be playing them?"

    Depending on your needs, this can be straightforward:

    Ultrabeat can be started & stopped using on-screen control buttons which can be mapped to external MIDI hardware (a footswitch that transmits a MIDI CC, for example).

    When mapping the on-screen control, there is a 'play/stop' Action available, but I have found this to be sluggish. It works better if you map the screen button directly to the plug-in Play/Stop function.

    It is also possible to set up a "Tap Tempo" function!

    If you need MainStage to play back audio loops, some more work could be required:

    Build an EXS24 instrument (in Logic 8), then maybe trigger that using drumpad controls in MainStage.

    Use Ultrabeat to play the audio file.

    There are script 'Actions' that will play items from an iTunes playlist. Note that these will not loop!


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    Thanks for that
    One post has suggested using AU audio player but that is not an 'instrument' as such. I have done as you suggested and created EXS patches, it's just a pity that the editor is not available directly in Mainstage.
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    that's why I use Kontakt for the samples I need to edit within Mainstage. I use EXS only with Logic's library.

    there is a nice alternative i have recently discovered...is called UVIWorkstation, a FREE sampler on OSX, looks very powerful the pity is that it does not import exs or kontakt, but you can build your programs from your wavs or audio files. check it out at http://www.uvisoundsource.com/

    it is free, and lets you edit keyboard mapping, velocity switch, FX, etc,.. within MS.