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I am trying to include an mpeg file into Keynote 4.0.3. The quality of the image is good in QuickTime Player, but is rather poor in Keynote - it is so poor I would rather stop my Keynote, show the movie in QuickTime and then go back to Keynote.

Are there any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

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    If you have Quicktime Pro you can save the movie as a Quicktime movie file within Quicktime Pro. It will be saved as a typical .mov file. Keynote natively reads these files and makes them look beautiful. If you do not have Quicktime Pro you may want to try a demo of other apps out there. You may want to check the Downloads page on Apple's site. You can also add the movie to an iMovie '08 project, then export that as a Quicktime movie, if you need a fix now.