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ok i'm new with using a macbook but my screen keeps flashing, the screen is fine then all of a sudden it gets bright, even the apple on the outside flashes. I've noticed the battery every time it flashes says not charging but i don't have it plugged into a power adaptor.

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    I have a first generation MacBook and have had flashing for about a year. Once it dims due to inactivity, it flickers like crazy. When it becomes active again, the flickering stops. It doesn't matter whether the computer is running on battery or on the adapter.
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    Screen flickering can be a sign the power inverter module for the fluorescent backlight is going bad. Also a screen backlight that is very old may fail to light reliably.

    The inverter module is in the center between the hinges below the word, "MacBook," at the bottom of the screen. Inverters can be found from Internet suppliers for about $50. Do a Google search on the term, "MacBook LCD inverter." The fluorescent tubes are integral to the display, and not easily replaced, but you can replace the the whole display. The fluorescent tubes are designed to last about 6,000 - 10,000 hours. Depending on the display in your MacBook, the display can be replaced for around $200. I think I'd replace both the inverter and LCD together if I were going to replace the LCD panel. Something else you may want to order is bezel clips that hold the screen surrounding bezel; they are fairly easy to break.

    Here are two how-to web sites:

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    Thanks for sharing the technical cause behind the flashing screen.

    Anyone aware of Apple Support taking responsibility for fixing this issue on an Apple Care Covered macbook?
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    I have posted the same problem. I have a new MacBook and the screen does the same thing even when I am working and using functions. That rules out any screen energy saving issue. It dims in the middle of photoshop work and when I watch videos. This seems to be a semi issue here. I myself think it might be the video card. However, I am taking my MacBook to Apple this week-end to have it fixed. I will post what Apple found so that others can benefit from my (our) experience.
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    OK, I had the same problem with the flashing and the screen and dimming. I took it to Apple service this weekend and they took care of the problem within a couple of minutes and now no more problems. All they did was reset the System Management and sapped the PRAM. See the attached link for resetting the System Management Controller.....http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1411
    They did this and then sapped the PRAM and no more problem. Hope this helps. Nice to have a screen that doesn't dim anymore!
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    I'm wondering if this is a related problem. Last night the display started flashing off and on (black, then on, etc.) continuously. It looked as if it was trying to go into sleep mode and couldn't. Ever seen this?