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My iPod was my birthday gift from my parents - it has been bought around december, I think.

A couple of months ago, my iPod screen started showing weird artifacts (look at an uploaded picture below). A quick glance would not reveal them every time, but you know how humans react to problems - once you know about one, you see it every time you look. The problem is not critical, just disappoints me a bit and I'd be very happy if it would be solved quickly and in a cost-free way.

It occurred virtually overnight - the screen shows some weird artifacts which remind me to the way the LCD morphs if you apply a very mild pressure to it.
I have tried restoring, but I think that this is a problem with the device's LCD.

The problem is usually clearly visible only on grayscale colours, especially in the iPod menu.

Since the iPod is only 9 months old and I still have an international guarantee, would my Apple authorised reseller (also has a iPod repairing service, but of course you have to pay for it) replace/repair the screen free of charge? What conditions must a faulty screen meet to be replaced free of charge?

Please see the picture(s) at this link(s):
Original picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30174605@N04/2826507538/in/photostream/
Quickly enhanced to show all the 'anomalies':http://www.flickr.com/photos/30174605@N04/2825680769/in/photostream/

Note that the picture was taken at an weird angle with a 2.0 megapixel mobile phone. Because of this, the black bump in the lower right corner of right is exaggerated a bit, but all the other ones in the 'enhanced' picture show their true status. I simply uploaded a gray image to see how serious the problem really is and then took pictures of it.

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    Hi, just seen your problem, and i'm having the same issue - the colour on the screen has gone a strange greenish and the graduation of the colours looks 'blocky', lo resolution. I rang my local reseller and they'll take it in, make sure there's a fault and basically give me a new one. There's no point trying to repair it, according to them. Providing you've got the purchase receipt, you should be ok. Mine was bought in February.