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I have a question on OS and software upgrades plus the correct installation steps.
Not having used my Cube for about 6 years (shame on me I know) I would like to get it functional for web browsing, email, storage and stuff like that.
It works, its up and running and with some help already its now connected to the internet but difficult to browse or read sites etc. (Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 6.1 are currently installed). I guess the OS and browser software may not be compatable for today. My understanding is that it is necessary to upgrade the OS to a minimum of 9.2.1 in order to support modern devices and browsers?
I do not have the original OS disks should anything go wrong, but I would like to make the appropriate upgrades where possible.

System Profile reads:
OS: 9.1 US
Processor Info: PowerPC G4
Machine speed: 450 MHz
Built in memory: 320 MB
Disk cache: 8160K
Hard Drive capacity: 19GB
Internal RAM capacity: 16.24MB

I don't mind installing some H/W updates if required, but I'd prefer not to invest $$$$ and risk the consequences of my other half beating it to the nearest Apple Store to buy the latest and greatest.

Thanks for any assistance.

G4, Mac OS 9.0.x
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Hi! You can download the 9.2.1 then the 9.2.2 update HERE since you already have 9.1. The machine would probably run Tiger 10.4 ok but it is anemic on processor speed and ram. You will find incompatibilities with web sites using an OS9 browser not to mention problems with video on the web. You may want to try iCab as a browser found HERE. Other CUBE info can be found HERE. If you want to move to OSX you'll probably need the firmware update found HERE. A 1.8 GHZ processor upgrade can be found HERE. Ram upgrades can be found HERE. Tom
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    Many thanks for the information supplied, I'll work my way through your list of suggestions and see where I end up.
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    Did you ever consider using Linux? OpenSuse 11.0, Ubuntu8.04, and Debian Etch run very nicely on my G4 digital audio. Ubuntu comes on a CD and you can try it out live. If you like it, there's an install application on it so that you can put it on your hard drive permanently.
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    Sorry for the delayed response, been out of town.
    In reply to your question, no I haven't tried those option you listed but will certainly look into it.
    Many thanks,