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I have a lot of data on the Time Capsule. Incase of the Time Capsule failing, is there a way to back the Time Capsule up to a hard drive or something?

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    Pick up an identical sized USB external HDD. Plug it into the USB port of the Time Capsule. Go to AirPort Utility -> Manual Setup -> Disks -> Archive. In fact, it bypasses the Mac entirely so it should be fairly fast. Note that it is a complete mirror of the TC drive. I'm not sure it does incremental updates at all.
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    Just picked up a Seagate 1TB Free Agent drive. Installed the Mac software and then plugged the drive into the Time Capsule. However, the Time Capsule sees the drive, but does not let me back up the hard drive to the Seagate USB drive. What am I doing wrong here?
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    I believe Seagate formats their drive NTFS out of the box. You need to plug it directly into your Mac (not via Time Capsule) and use Disk Utility to re-format it as HFS+ (Mac OS Extended - Journaled). After that, it should work fine after unmounting, unplugging and re-plugging it into the TC USB port. Partitioning, if desired should be done before formatting and in GUID with Intel CPUs. This may be desired as the Archive function will only require 0.5 TB as that's the size of your TC HDD.

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    Is there any reason why you could not use a second Time Capsule to perform this archive?

    Does the backup drive need to be connected via USB, or could it be accessible on the network as an 'AirDisk'?

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