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Hi everyone,

In order to access the Internet via the campus Wifi network at my University, I need to use a HTTP proxy with username and password authentication. This works fine with my iPhone running 2.0.2 when browsing websites via Safari and checking mail, however, none of the applications that use Internet resources (whether the built-in ones, such as Finance or Maps) or 3rd party ones (like Facebook) work when connected via the proxy. In order to use the apps, I actually have to disable Wifi so that the data goes over the 3G network instead.

Everyone else at my University with an iPhone has experienced the same problem, and it does not seem to matter whether we use an auto-configuration URL for the proxy or enter the settings manually - the issue still occurs. I've done some testing and it seems that, upon launching an app, the iPhone is making a request to via the proxy, but is not sending the username and password along with this request as it should. It has no problems sending these authentication credentials when web browsing via Safari, however. Of course, as it is not sending the username and password, the apps just time out and cannot be used.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'm wondering if it's a known bug in the current iPhone software.

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