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Hi All,

First post here.
I bought a used 30G IPOD from a friend and when I hook it to itunes, it does connect showing me the IPOD's name and everything but after about 10-15 seconds, it ejects by itself?
I am running Windows 2K but it does exactly the same thing with itunes on my laptop which runs XP Pro?
My old ipod never did this nor does my kids nano or my wifes shuffle?
Any ideas as to why it wants to eject itself automatically all of the time?
It won't stay hooked long enough for me to do anything with it....


HP, Windows 2000, Laptop - Windows XP Pro
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    I have the exact same issue on both a PC and a laptop running XP SP2/3, with an iPod classic 160 GB: it connects beautifully, is recognized by Windows, is assigned a drive letter. Itunes starts up (automatically or by hand, doesn't matter), the iPod starts to display the "sync" mode, and teh second it shows up in iTunes disconnects.
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    Try restoring the iPod in Disk Mode.

    With the iPod disconnected from the computer, press and hold the menu button and the center button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, let go of the menu button, continue to hold the center button, and hold the play/pause button as well. The iPod should boot up in Disk Mode.

    At this point, you should be able to connect the iPod, open iTunes and restore the iPod by pressing the restore button.