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how do you delete photos from itouch? there must be a way to do it manually?

Mac Book pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • mollib Level 2 Level 2
    Are they ones you synced on, or ones you saved from an email or the web?

    If you synced it on, you will have to un-sync it. Either remove it from the folder(s) you synced, or uncheck the folder it's in, before you sync the next time.

    If you've saved it from the web/email, when you are viewing the folder in Photos, there will be a little trash can icon at the bottom of the photo... I can't remember if it's on the left or right, off the top of my head. You could also remove it by deleting it from the folder that mounts when you plug your iPod into your computer.
  • joymac Level 1 Level 1
    so i need to set up a separate folder for syncing to it. place any photos in there that i want to load. make sure the settings point to that folder. all set. seems strange you cannot delete things manualy though. thanks for the help.
  • iTouch RFC Level 1 Level 1
    In my case, I used the 'home' + 'standby' buttons to take a screenshot. The picture has been saved to 'Saved Photos' in the photo album library on the touch. I can't find the picture in iTunes even though I have syncronised. How do I remove the picture? I'm on the 2.1 software. Many thanks in advance.

  • mollib Level 2 Level 2
    You can do it a couple of ways. You can either go to Photos > Saved Photos - on the iPod - and on the photo screen (I can't remember exactly where (my iPod is syncing at the moment) - but in one of the four corners, maybe the bottom right), there will be a trashcan icon. Click on that and it will prompt you to delete the photo.

    Or, when you plug your iPod into your computer, it should pop up a box prompting you to open photo software of some sort... your iPod will basically be mounted as a camera or scanner (can't remember quite how it works with XP). If you open it up that way, you should be able to browse to the directory that holds the photo. On mine (I'm running Vista), the folder is called 999APPLE. Any screen capture you take will be in there and you can delete at will.

    Sorry I'm sort of vague on some points! Hope this helps.
  • iTouch RFC Level 1 Level 1
    Found the trashcan icon - problem solved, thanks!