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I move between work, home and a client office, using different external displays when needed.

I work mainly at the same desk, using the same external monitor each day. I set the desktop picture on my MBA and the external screen to what I like (some flowers).

If I unplug the external display, the desktop picture on my MBA changes back to an image I used a while ago (of the Eiffel Tower), and the external display changes back to the Leopard 'space' picture.

Why does Leopard feel the need to change the desktop picture at all? There's no resolution change going on.

It's getting annoying.

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    Can't help you. But I've seen this with my MB too. Odd... I consider it a bug of some sort. It isn't just Leopard, it was happening under Tiger for me as well.
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    I am having the same problem in the other direction-- I use my MacBook Pro in the classroom by connecting it to an lcd projector as my secondary display (mirrored), and when I connect it, it changes my desktop (and the one on the mirrored display) to a collection of photos from last year, that I used to have as a desktop, but don't anymore, and haven't used as a desktop in a long time. And, in fact, the "album" in question isn't even in IPhoto anymore, although the photos themselves still are. What gives?