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I too cannot get iTunes to recognize my brand new 2 gb shuffle but i does recognize my 80 gb classic. I have the latest version of itunes and I did the recommendations from support including uninstalling and reinstalling itunes. It also will not even charge using the wall adapter for ipod. I tired two laptops and one desktop and none of them find the device. What do I do now? I am not completely computer illiterate but not that most savvy either. (The device is found by Windows)

laptop, Windows XP
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    Hi and welcome...

    Try the 5rs troubleshooter first : )

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    i just went to the apple store today hoping to get a new shuffle (mine is under warranty). but the genius said it was my cord/dock. my ipod worked fine in the store cord/dock. so he gave me a new cord/dock. now all is well.
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    i have a problem slightly similar...a couple months ago i lost my old ipod shuffle.. and just yesterdai i finally replaced it with a new 1...i connected the ipod, buh my computer says there is invalid data. i took the ipod to my local apple shop, and they told me to download the latest itunes (8.0) which i have done. yet still i recieve the same message that my data is invalid and that there has been a problem with installation..the ipod isnt reconised on eitha itunes nor windows

    any help!!!??!!!
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    My iPod Shuffle (1st generation) has the same problem. I see the same "answer" given as "try another USB port" and try the 5 R's, etc. (Seriously - we wouldn't be here if the 5 R's worked in the first place)

    HOWEVER, I have connected this Shuffle to three different Apple computers and two different PCs without success. No computer recognizes the Shuffle. It will not charge and it will not show up as a drive on any computer or iTunes.

    I have "reset" the Shuffle using the instructions and downloaded the iPod Reset Utility... but the computer can't reset something it can't recognize. Is there anything else I can try??
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    Clearly there is a problem with I-Tunes not recognizing the shuffle. I can not get my computer to recognize the device. Thanks for the laughs about how the 5 steps don't help. Only thing that seems to ring true is that the docking station and cord are somehow defective. How frustrating for the customer. If I ever was considering purchasing another apple product, I surely won't be doing so now. Spending hours trying to sync ipod with downloaded music results in one non user friendly product and many unhappy customer. Great marketing strategy Apple.
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    I swear to you its not the itunes.
    im having the same problem and its with my brothers ipod. He has the ipod shuffle (2gen) I thought it was the computer with the problem so I plugged in my ipod to the computer it noticed it right away!
    but again when i plugged my brothers in it didnt notice it or charge.
    My brother just got his shuffle yesterday and my dad is going to bestbuy and buying a new docking station.

    I think its just the docking station with the crappy problems
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    I have an ipod shuffle 512kb and when I put it in my mac's usb port to charge nothing happens, it does not show the icon , nor does the orange /red light comes on to let me know its charging. I just want to know if its finally gone on to iPod heaven , so I can buy a new one.
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    Try it in another computer before declaring it dead.

    NEW 2nd Gen shuffles are $49...refurbs are $39 at online AppleStore.