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G5 dual 2.0, the first ones that came out. When I press the power button, the button lights-up but goes out when i let go. The fans are spinning, but that is it. Also, if i lift-up the plastic cover a red light on the logic board comes on untill I close it. have removed all cards and ram except for original two sticks. Have removed the battery and it has a good read on my volt meter. Put battery back in and reset the PMU button on the main board. Is this a power issue or a logicboard issue? anything else I can try? thanks...

g5 dual 2.0 PPC
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    One other bit of info...I pulled-out all of the ram and pushed the power button. The power button still goes out when i let go, but now the little white LED above the power button flashes once about every 10 seconds...
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    The status light flashes and the computer won’t start up.
    If you recently installed additional memory, a PCI expansion card, or another internal
    component, make sure that it is correctly installed and that it is compatible with your
    computer. See if removing it allows the computer to start up.
    If the status light still flashes, determine the number of flashes to identify the
    2 flashes: no RAM installed
    3 flashes: incompatible RAM installed
    4 flashes: no good DIMM banks
    5 or 6 flashes: contact Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider

    Trying finding your manual on this and maybe you'll be able to find some useful info:

    Good luck
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    I have removed everything except the original two sticks of ram and the original graphics card. The power light still does not stay on when i let go of it. No lights come on at all, and the fans slowly start to get faster . If I lift the plastic lid, a red light comes on in the logic board and the fans start to run fast until I close the lid. Also have no video at all. Is this a power problem? logicboard? processors? Not sure what to do from here...
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    One other note. There are two small cables around where the airport card would go. I know one is the antenna cable for the card, but not sure what the other is. Does anybody know what this other cable is for? should it be connected to something? Could this be causing my problem? thanks for any help...
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    Nice to have a good old reliable G4 as a backup machine.

    I don't know anything about the cable but I'm sure someone here should. In case I missed it did you do anything to your G5 right before all this happened? Installed new RAM, for instance.

    You need to have that plastic cover in place in order for your mac to run properly, so the light you're seeing when its out is normal.

    Well, unless others will chime in you seem to have enough problems that a trip to an Apple Genius may be in order. Seeing him should be free so make sure you don't pay anything. If you decide to get it repaired get an estimate first. Hopefully it will be something simple.
    Sorry that I personally couldn't help you. I wish you the best of luck though, I know how frustrating going through something like this can be.
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    Thanks for the reply. i found out the cables are the antennas for the airport and bluetooth.It looks like i will have to go back to my G4. I got six other macs. 2 G4's 2 G3's, a performa 550, a9600 power mac and a 8600 power mac. all of them are still up and running. I can't believe what a piece of junk this g5 is...I did go to the local apple store today, just to get a price for a new power supply and logic board. The told me i would have to make an appointment, just to get a freaking price!!! now i have to wait till tuesday just to get a price on a part!! what a bunch of bull...apple has gotten way to arrogant! They have just lost a long time customer. I know they will look at it for five minutes and give me their stock answer that the logicboard is bad, the most costly part...i am going to keep pushing them until they tell me the part that failed and show me on the board. I want to know who made the part, and why it went bad....time to put that law degree to work...
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    Yeah, that's right, you have to make an appt. first, forgot that. And yeah, I too have a PM8500 and a G4 that still work fine. However this is my third G5. Makes one wonder how the Mac Pros will do. Probably better actually, the G5s just seem to run too hot.

    You may end up being better off taking it to a local repairer instead of an Apple store.

    But you might to do a little research on the net to get some idea on what may lie ahead and options. Here are some links I threw together for another guy just a night or so ago. Check the top one first then see if there's anything you find interesting in the others. Of course you can find all sorts of stuff on ebay, though it's a bit chancy.


    http://www.dvwarehouse.com/Power-Mac-G5-Logic-Boards-c-245_1074.html&pltid=eb251 3bba25051a19bfb70ef91ea73bb



    http://cgi.ebay.com/Apple-PowerMac-G5-Dual-2-3-GHz-2-GB-RAM-250-GB_W0QQitemZ1702 59274060QQihZ007QQcategoryZ111418QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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    Thanks for the links. Does anybody have any feedback on DT&T or Galaxy, or could recommend another good repair service?
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    I just want to add that I have the identical same problem. I've already replaced the Power Supply and it didn't help one bit. I am resigned to believe it is indeed the logic board, but like many, I don't think I could afford it.

    There sure seems to be quite a few problems with the G5 in this area! I've had PCs that last a lot longer than this G5 did.
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    Try removing the video card and booting up, just to rule out the possibility. The plastic cover is part of the cooling system. Reminiscent of a wind tunnel is created when it is in place. Removing it causes the fans to spike into overdrive to provide additional cooling.
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    Just to update anyone watching this, I sent the G5 to DT&T. They got it on Friday. They called me today, Tuesday and confirmed the bad logic board. They are fixing it for $450.00, and will have it out to me this afternoon! It will have a 6 month warrenty. that is a lot better than what apple was gonna do. Will post back once it is back and running.
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    Hi Iconandy,

    Very cool, though its still a costly repair. Yeah, Apple doesn't really fix anything... they just replace components, and they do that far more expensively.

    Yes, please post back and say how you made out. I may have to use that company myself one day. Good luck!
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    All this is happening to me and my G5 Dual 2.0 (Nov 2004)...

    I have replaced the HD, put in two new RAM sticks and reinstalled the (never used) original Video Card.

    Still will not boot. Three flashes. I sometimes get it booted but it crashes real quick.

    Is this place DT & T in New Jersey by any chance?


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    Hi mister rich,
    Three flashes indicates incompatible ram, however, it has been my experience that the the logic board is bad. First, remove all but the factory ram and see if it boots. I recently had the same problem and fixed it analog style. Look for my posts and you will find my solution to this.