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So I was cleaning my keyboard today (just with water and a towel) and after cleaning, the screen shut off but my macbook was still turned on (could hear the fans). It wouldn't respond to anything and I tried a hard shut down but this did not work either. I was forced to take the battery out to shut it down.

Now it won't turn on. I tried plugging it into my magsafe power adapter but it won't charge. There is no light (neither green or amber). My battery still has 2 green dots when I test it.

I've tried resetting the power settings by removing the charger, battery, and then holding the power down for 5 seconds. This did not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I should also make note that I applied a skin protector on the trackpad and the wrist rest area. The macbook was still working fine after I applied it, but when I started cleaning the keyboard, it broke down on me
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    update: magsafe light is actually on, but a REALLY dim green. You can barely see it when the lights are off.
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    I've had a very similar problem. My battery died about nine months ago and I've been going off AC since then. It recently started not turning on though.. I closed the lid one day and went for a walk and when I came back about an hour later it was like it was in a constant sleep mode. Since then it turned on once successfully. But I am getting the same dim green light for about three seconds and then it goes full. When I try to turn it on the fan or hard drive (not sure) starts spinning and the screen flashes but then it just sits with the sleep light on. When I read your thread though I realized I may have gotten it wet when carrying it to and from my car. I no longer have a warranty or care plan or whatever so apple won't help me one bit. SO yeah I thought I'd share that and maybe it can help you somehow..