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I have an original Iphone (8gb version) , software version is 2.0.1. My problem is when i receive a call touchscreen wont work and I cant answer the call. Normally my touchscreen works without any problem except this.
Is this a software problem? Do I need service repair?
Help please..

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I had the same problem with my 3G. I turned off (sleep/wake button at the top) then turned it back on. That worked for me. If it doesn't for you, try restoring your iPhone.

    If that still doesn't work, then I think you'll need to get it repaired.
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    I got the same problems. It's not consistent (around 5% of my call).

    Do I take this to the telco (that sells the phone) or Apple?

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    I also have the older model 8 Gig, which worked just fine until the 2.0 firmware upgrade. In my line of work I need my hands free. And that is what I loved about this phone...at first. Now, I have to take off my gloves, do a dance with pushing the home button a few times and then running my thumb across the on-screen slider (to no avail) pushing the home button a few more times and then I might get lucky and get the phone to answer. This is really, really annoying and defeats the whole purpose of why I dropped the mother lode on this phone. The same problem exists with the supplied headphones when listening to music and also with the blue tooth headset on answering incoming calls. They might as well be buttons and knobs on a Fischer Price toy.
    Anyone out there in Apple labs that can create a patch or firmware upgrade that can fix this? This is enough to make me start looking for a new data phone.
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    "And that is what I loved about this phone...at first"

    My gosh, if that is really the only thing that attracted you to the iPhone, then I would just take it back and get another type of phone. I don't know of any phones, decent ones I'm talking about, that don't have hands free capabilities. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THE IPHONE and I wouldn't trade it for ANY other phone period. I would've purchased it even without the bluetooth technology because it has soooooo much more to offer.
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    I still have same problems. Now my screen not working anymore. What should i do? I unlock it to use in outside US. If i bring it to Apple Store will they replace for a replacement fee?