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I swapped out my linksys wireless router the other day for an Airport extreme. I have 5 Windows PC's and my mac on the network as well as a Ricoh multifunction copier/printer installed on the network via ethernet. After the installation, the mac and the pc's can access the internet and see one another. My problem is that none of the machines can see the printer. The printer is connected via ethernet and has a dedicated IP ( i believe). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Mac Pro/ Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4), DOS proficient, Edlin, Debug, Batch files, Windows (yuck) as well
  • Gregg Palmer Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I changed the IP to 192.168... and it solved my printing problem.
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    Hi Gregg...
    Got a very similar issue.
    1 AirPort Extreme
    2 MBP, 1 Vista and 1 XP machines all with 802.1n cards
    1 HP C7280 All-in-One connected via LAN port
    1 LaCie USB Hard Drive connected to the AE's USB port
    Used first IP 192.168.1.nnn then IP 10.0.1.nnn

    2 MBP's no issues, can print, scan, etc. and the LaCie is there
    For the Windows machines nothing seams to work. Intermittent times I see the printer, can print, but not scan. Sometimes I see the printer and I can print and scan (so scanning do work). I used bonjour for Windows, no change.
    I used dedicated IP for printer and I used none dedicated, same result...
    Now you write you just changed the IP to what?
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    This may sound stupid, but how did you change the IP address of the printer? I've been messing with mine for days and its driving me crazy.

    I find the printer fine through the PC that is connected to the Airport Extreme through the ethernet but not through any of the computers that are connected wirelessly, including the mac.